State Senator Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville) today announced the passage of a resolution to urge Congress to lift the prohibition on the export of crude oil from the United States. 

“By lifting this antiquated export ban, not only will consumers across the nation save at the pump, but we have the opportunity to create good paying jobs right here in Ohio,” said Balderson. “We’re urging Congress to support this important legislation to ensure America’s global presence as an energy leader.”

In 1975, President Gerald Ford signed the Energy policy and Conservation Act into law, which prohibited the export of crude oil from the United States. The intention of the prohibition was to preserve a depleting domestic reserve. Currently, the United States is exporting over four million barrels of refined products each day, making the ban outdated and unnecessary.

Should Congress lift this trade barrier, the U.S. would also see an increase in jobs. The U.S. is the only major oil-producing country that bans the export of crude, placing domestic producers at a competitive disadvantage. 

The Ohio Senate resolution comes at a crucial time; the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a measure later this week to prohibit a federal government official from imposing or enforcing restrictions on the export of crude oil. 

The resolution passed the Ohio Senate today by a vote of 31-1. 

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