Columbus –Senator Edna Brown (D-Toledo) has introduced three pieces of legislation (SB 98, SB 99, SB 100) aimed at putting money back in the pockets of Ohioans. The legislation will provide insurance coverage for hearing aids, establish a sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances, and protect homeowners from liens being placed on their property from the delinquent water bills of previous owners.

Senate Bill 98 focuses on insurance coverage for hearing aids. Currently, most insurance plans consider hearing aids to be an “elective” form of treatment, meaning they are not covered under most plans. Senator Brown’s legislation will require health insurers in Ohio to offer coverage for hearing aids and related services in their basic health plans.

“Given the prevalence of hearing loss, the high cost of treatment, and the negative impact of untreated hearing loss in children and adults, I believe it is time for Ohio to join the 20 other states that provide this type of basic coverage,” said Senator Brown.

Senate Bill 99 requires delinquent water bills to be promptly certified to the County Auditor so that anyone researching a title is aware that a lien exists on a property.

“This issue came to my attention when a lien was placed on a homeowner’s property from a water bill that was delinquent 12 years prior to the owner purchasing the home,” said Senator Brown. “The delinquent water bill was not properly filed with the County Auditor and did not appear on the title search when the home was purchased. Senate Bill 99 will address this unfair situation.”

Senate Bill 100 establishes a sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances on the first Friday through Sunday in April. Products to be covered include air conditioning units, furnaces, heat pumps, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

“In addition to a reduction in the purchase price realized during the tax holiday, replacing old and outdated household appliances with new energy star qualified products will also create long term savings for consumers thanks to their decreased energy usage and the resulting reduction in utility bills,” said Senator Brown.


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