COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today approved Substitute Senate Bill 206, a bipartisan initiative sponsored by Senator Dave Burke (R–Marysville), which seeks to modernize the state’s Medicaid program.

Senator Capri Cafaro (D–Hubbard) joined Senator Burke as a joint sponsor.
“The cost of Ohio’s Medicaid program is growing faster than any other item in the state budget and unless we act, the program will become unsustainable and incapable of serving the people who rely on it every day,” said Burke.
The legislation is broken into three prongs: Cost Containment, Increased Accountability, and Improved Health Outcomes.
In 2003, Medicaid spending accounted for 37% of the state budget using state and federal resources. By the end of the current biennium, the program’s share will have increased to nearly 50% of the state’s general revenue fund.
“We owe it to the state’s Medicaid enrollees and the state’s taxpayers to ensure this program is manageable and affordable for the long term,” added Burke.
The bill adds accountability to ensure that the Medicaid program is administered in the most efficient way by covering the greatest number of enrollees through the lowest possible cost. This is achieved by recommending an actuarially sound rate of growth.

"For the first time, we are enacting a proactive plan that will limit the growth of Medicaid spending and directly target the cost per person," said Burke.

The Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee, made up of five members of the Ohio House of Representatives and five members of the Ohio Senate, will be responsible for this new level of accountability.
Senate Bill 206 will now proceed to the Ohio House of Representative for further consideration.

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