Senator Dave Burke (R-Marysville) today chaired a Senate panel to discuss improvement goals for Medicaid reform. The Medicaid Finance Subcommittee members heard testimony and questioned witnesses to better understand the many components involved in sustainable reform to Ohio’s Medicaid program.

The two improvement goals introduced by the subcommittee include:

  • Create incentives to follow a pathway from Medicaid coverage to private health insurance coverage
  • Enact and move forward on strategies that move the Medicaid program toward sustainability and predictability

Amy Rohling McGee, President of Ohio Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) and William Hayes, PhD, The Ohio State University, testified before the subcommittee.

McGee and Hayes compared total Medicaid spending without Medicaid expansion at its current growth rate, to Medicaid spending with Medicaid expansion and an annual growth rate similar to the three-year average for medical inflation.

At the request of Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) the witnesses also discussed the future economic impact of the Medicaid program as the number of participants is growing at a higher rate than the state’s population.

In the coming weeks, the committee will hold hearings at MetroHealth System in Cleveland and Caresource in Dayton to continue gathering facts and information as the legislature deciphers the best course of action for the state’s largest program.

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