Senator William P. Coley, II - Senate District 4

02.21.18 - ADVISORY: Coley To Introduce Legislation Requiring Audit Of The Medical Marijuana Control Program


COLUMBUS - State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) will hold a press conference tomorrow, February 22 at 11 a.m. in the Senate Press Room to announce legislation that would require the Auditor of State to conduct and release a performance audit of the Medical Marijuana Control Program.


08.20.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Coley To Announce Bill Restoring Control To Restaurant Owners, Allowing Dogs On Patios


COLUMBUS - State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) will join business leaders TOMORROW to announce legislation aimed at restoring the decision-making authority of restaurant owners in determining whether to allow dogs in their outdoor spaces. 


06.21.17 - Coley Announces Passage Of Senate Budget That Closes Fiscal Shortfall And Protects Essential Services


"Working together, we have cut almost $1.1 billion from the original version of the budget and have brought the budget in balance without putting Ohio's economy at risk by raising taxes," said Senator Coley, who serves a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which is responsible for balancing Ohio's two-year operating budget. 


06.21.17 - Senate Approves Awareness Legislation Aimed At Curing Pediatric Brain Tumors In Honor Of Kyler Bradley


"Today is another milestone in our efforts to honor Kyler and all those who suffer, both directly and indirectly, from the devastation that DIPG causes families," said Coley. 

DIPG is an aggressive, malignant brain tumor found at the base of the brain stem, affecting approximately 200 to 400 children in the U.S each year. It is the second most common malignant brain tumor and is the leading cause of childhood death due to brain tumors. The average prognosis of those diagnosed is 9 months. Symptoms include double vision, inability to close the eyelids completely, drooping of one side of the face as well as difficulty chewing and swallowing.


05.31.17 - Senate Panel Approves Local Mother's Awareness Effort Aimed At Curing Pediatric Brain Tumors


"Today is another milestone in our efforts to honor Kyler and all those we've lost too soon to DIPG," said Coley. "This simple measure offers hope for families that one day we can overcome this disease and the heartbreak it causes."


03.21.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Coley To Announce Legislation Altering Transportation Infrastructure Funding Plan


On Tuesday, State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) will hold a press conference to announce legislation aimed at developing a sustainable transportation infrastructure funding model. 


03.16.17 - Senate Passes Legislation Raising Awareness For Deadliest Form Of Pediatric Brain Tumor


"Less than one year ago, Ohio lost a great little man with the passing of Kyler Bradley," said Senator Coley. "Today, we honor Kyler and all those we've lost too soon to this tragic disease as we seek to offer hope for families that one day we can eradicate this affliction and the heartbreak it causes so many families."


03.08.17 - Lawmakers Announce Legislation To Combat Welfare Fraud


“The legislation introduced today helps ensure the accountability of taxpayer dollars, using modern technology, so that benefits are available for truly vulnerable individuals,” said Senator Coley. 


03.07.17 - Coley To Announce Legislation To Combat Welfare Fraud


The proposed legislation would allow the state to use new data and enhanced tools to verify welfare eligibility at the point of application and monitor eligibility throughout the year.


02.03.17 - Coley And Oelslager Introduce Legislation To Modernize Ohio's Banking Laws


"The need for this change is yet another example of private sector progress outpacing the speed of government," said Coley. “Advancing from tellers to ATMs to modern-day banking from the convenience of your smartphone, our statutes must adapt to ensure that our banking industry can meet the needs of today's consumers,” said Senator Coley.


09.23.16 - Coley To Announce Legislation Clarifying Legality Of Fantasy Sports And E-Sports


Senator Coley will hold a press conference on Monday, September 26 to discuss his proposed legislation aimed at clarifying the legality of fantasy sports and e-sports in Ohio. 


09.13.16 - Eliminating Waste, Fraud And Abuse While Continuing To Lift Ohio's Most Vulnerable


Welfare programs exist to provide assistance the most vulnerable Ohioans. Fraud hampers our ability to serve those who legitimately need our support. We owe it to these families and Ohio's taxpayers to ensure that government assistance programs are used, not abused.


08.04.16 - Birthplace Of Aviation To Expand Seaplane Access On State Lakes


"We are excited to announce new opportunities that will attract tourism to our state parks and their surrounding communities," said Senator Coley. "As the birthplace of aviation, it is incumbent upon us to make our state one which welcomes aviation enthusiasts and puts Ohio on par with other states."


07.28.16 - Ohio Families Welcome Tax-Free Savings During This Year's Sales Tax Holiday


I was proud to join my legislative colleagues in renewing a three-day Sales Tax Holiday during the first weekend in August to assist families by easing the financial burden as they check off items from this year's shopping list.


05.25.16 - Coley Honors Retiring Miami University President


"It's an honor to recognize President Hodge for the impact he has made on the students and faculty of Miami University throughout his decade of service to Miami University and southwest Ohio," said Coley.


04.18.16 - Senator Coley Calls On The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission To Review Casino Monopoly


"Since their operations began in 2012, casinos have failed to provide the tax revenue and job-creation that the people of Ohio were promised. Casino developers built casinos smaller than their initial commitments, resulting in about 40 percent less gaming positions than planned. Operators have insisted that the smaller facilities would not have a negative impacts on the tax revenues that the state collects, but unfortunately, the operator’s statements appear to be wrong."


02.18.16 - Coley Welcomes Kansas Lt. Governor To Discuss Cost Control Strategies With Ohio Grace Commission


"While we’re happy that Ohio’s unemployment is at a 40 year low, there are still far too many people who could work and aren’t working for one reason or another," said Coley. "We want to continue our efforts to create a positive business climate where people can find work and thus reduce dependency on the government."


02.09.16 - Coley Announces Legislative Fellowship Program


"The LSC Fellowship allows recent graduates to gain real-world public policy experience," said Coley. "For many, this fellowship is just the beginning of successful careers in public service."


01.29.16 - Coley Praises Signs Of Progress For Ohio's Economic Growth, Job Creation


"When I first went to the Statehouse, we had an unemployment rate that was far above the national average," Coley said. "While we still have much to do, Its good to see that Ohio's unemployment rate is now consistently below the national average."


12.28.15 - Coley Releases Report From Ohio's Joint Committee On Gaming And Wagering


"Ohio casinos have enjoyed over $165 million in free promotional spend at the expense of schools and local government," said Coley who chairs the joint committee. "We have concerns about whether the state can continue to justify this preferential treatment.  While the committee does not call for immediate legislation, further consideration on this very generous deduction is certainly warranted."


12.09.15 - Coley And Beagle Announce Plan Promoting Local Economic Development And Community Revitalization


"Existing policies discourage new development and business expansion," said Coley. "Our plan will create an incentive for property owners to enhance land for future business development. Not only will the property owner benefit, but new business growth will lead to increased tax revenue which benefits the schools and local governments that support our communities."


12.04.15 - Coley And Beagle To Announce Plan Promoting Property Revitalization And Renovation


Supported by various regional chambers of commerce, Senate Bill 235 is expected to enhance local economic development and community revitalization efforts by incentivizing business expansion and new construction projects.


11.10.15 - Statement On The Passing Of Local Army Veteran John Hamen


"I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of John Hamen, especially his wife and seven children. This Veterans Day, let us extend our sincere gratitude and respect for John by honoring the sense of duty he displayed throughout his military and civilian careers. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."


11.09.15 - Educational Service Centers Honor Coley For Innovative Solutions That Support Ohio Students


"I am honored to receive this award and look forward to continuing efforts to improve and innovate our education system on behalf of Ohio's students and families," said Coley. "We need to ensure that every taxpayer dollar being spent supports our students in the classroom, giving them the best opportunity for success in school and in life."


06.25.15 - Coley Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Protect Rights Of Ohioans To Display The American Flag


“Sometimes these condo and homeowners associations get overzealous with enforcement," said Senator Coley. "They forget the price paid by our men and women in uniform to secure the right to display our flag."


06.18.15 - Coley Announces Passage Of Senate Budget To Cut Taxes By $1.75 Billion


"This budget continues our efforts to lower the cost of government in Ohio while making sure that we provide for our students and those who are most vulnerable," said Senator Coley. "We are driving new dollars to the schools districts that need them most."


05.05.15 - Coley Announces Roadwork Grant To Support Local Economic Development


A.K. Steel will construct a new 120,000 sq. ft. research and development facility in Middletown and plans to hire an additional 15 employees as a result of the company's expansion project and the state assistance.


04.17.15 - Casino Revenues Up But Schools & Local Governments Deserve Better


Senate Bill 140 will limit the amount that casinos and racinos can deduct from the taxes that are due for our schools and local governments. We are looking at amendments to improve the bill and to allow for regulations that prevent Ohio taxpayers from having to pick up the tab for advertising run amuck.
We’re proud of what we’ve done to improve Ohio’s economy over the last few years. Senate Bill 140 will go a long way to make sure that our schools and local governments receive the benefits from gaming that they were promised.


04.09.15 - Senator Coley Introduces Legislation To Hold Ohio Casinos Accountable


"We need to ensure that Ohio schools and local governments receive the revenues promised to them," said Coley, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering. 


03.31.15 - Why Are Gaming Revenues So Far Below What Was Promised?


"We’ve done a lot to improve Ohio’s economy over the last few years. However, our schools and local governments have been counting on the gaming revenues that they were promised. It’s time that the principles set forth in the proposed legislation are enacted into law."


01.29.15 - Coley Named Chairman Of Ohio Senate Government Oversight And Reform Committee


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber recently appointed Senator Bill Coley to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Government Oversight and Reform.


12.05.14 - Call-Before-You-Dig Enforcement Legislation Clears The Senate


The Ohio Senate Thursday passed Substitute Senate Bill 378, sponsored by Senator Bill Coley, which establishes an enforcement mechanism for Ohio’s existing call-before-you-dig laws.


06.18.14 - Part Of I-71 To Be Named After Fallen Blue Ash Soldier Spc. Donald Morrison

BLUE ASH, Ohio - 

A portion of I-71 in Blue Ash will be renamed after a local hero in coming days.


06.13.14 - Coley Named Ohio Delegate To Assembly Of State Legislatures


State Senator Bill Coley this week traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Mount Vernon Assembly having been named an Ohio delegate.


06.05.14 - Local Fallen Soldiers Honored At Statehouse


Governor Kasich today signed Amended Substitute Senate Bill 245, jointly sponsored by State Senators Bill Coley and Bill Seitz, which honors local fallen heroes through the designation of area highways in their names.


06.04.14 - National Champion Synchronized Skaters Recognized At Statehouse


Senator Bill Coley today presented a resolution to Miami University’s Women’s Synchronized Skating Team for winning the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating National Championship. The RedHawks placed first with a score of 96.80, beating out second place Team Excel by a whopping 18.03 points.


02.12.14 - Lakota West Marching Band Honored At The Statehouse


COLUMBUS–Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today honored the Lakota West High School Marching Band for their performance in the 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The 270-member band was one of only 13 bands across the nation selected to play in parade.


02.04.14 - Local Fallen Soldiers Honored At The Statehouse


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 245, jointly sponsored by State Senators Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) and Bill Seitz (R–Cincinnati), which honors local fallen heroes through the designation of area highways in their names.


01.23.14 - Coley Praises Ohio's Fiscal Condition Rating


COLUMBUS– State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today praised a new report showing Ohio is ranked seventh out of 50 states for its fiscal condition.


01.14.14 - Coley Announces More Than $1.8 Billion Local Government Infrastructure Investment


COLUMBUS–Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today announced the Ohio Senate has passed Senate Joint Resolution 6, which seeks to renew the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP). The partnership between SCIP and the Ohio Public Works Commission finances public capital improvements to preserve and improve public infrastructure in communities across Ohio.


01.10.14 - Coley Praises 800 Jobs Coming To Nearby Moraine


COLUMBUS–Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today praised the announcement of 800 new Ohio jobs being created in Montgomery County. The company, Fuyao North America Glass Company, will invest more than $200 million into the project.


01.06.14 - Senator Coley Urges Ohioans To Take Precaution Against Cold Weather


COLUMBUS–Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today urges all residents of Southwest Ohio to take additional precautions during the pending bitter cold temperatures descending on the Midwest over the next 48 hours.


11.06.13 - Senate Passes Initiative To Make Absentee Voting Fairer


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 205, sponsored by Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township), which moves to streamline Ohio’s absentee voting rules.


07.18.13 - Coley Opinion: School Choice Could Be History-making Change


There’s one freedom that belongs at the very top of the list: the basic right of every child to a quality education, regardless of the economic environment in which that student lives.


06.27.13 - Coley Announces Historic Tax Cut, Largest Investment In Public Education In A Decade


COLUMBUS– Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today announced the passage of House Bill 59, the state’s two-year operating budget. The bill contains as its cornerstones one of the largest single-year tax cuts in Ohio’s history as well as the largest legislative investment in public education in more than 10 years.


06.13.13 - Coley Named To Budget Conference Committee


Bill Coley was yesterday named a member of the state budget conference committee, which is comprised of 6 legislators, 3 from each chamber of the General Assembly. The committee is charged with the responsibility of reconciling the differences between the House-passed and Senate-passed versions of the state budget, House Bill 59.


06.06.13 - Senate Passes Small Business Cut, Largest Investment In Education This Decade


The Ohio Senate today approved House Bill 59, the state’s biennium budget proposal, which includes at its cornerstone a $1.4 billion tax cut for Ohio’s small businesses and a $717 million increase in state education funding, the largest legislative investment in education in more than 10 years. Announced by Bill Coley, the nearly $62 billion bill acts as the state operating budget for the two-year period beginning on July 1, 2013.


03.26.13 - Coley Initiative To Improve Voter Access For Disabled Ohioans Signed By Governor


COLUMBUS– State Senator Bill Coley today announced that the Governor has signed Senate Bill 10. Sponsored by Senator Coley, the initiative will allow easier access for disabled individuals to access the polls by creating additional accommodations in the case that their polling place does not fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) jointly sponsored the initiative with Coley.


02.26.13 - Senator Coley Receives "Golden Apple Award"


State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) was today given the “Golden Apple Award” by the Ohio eSchool Families & Friends Coalition. The award recognizes the Butler County legislator’s contributions toward school choice.


01.09.13 - Coley Named Chairman Of Senate Civil Justice Committee

Statehouse - 

Senate President Keith Faber (R–Celina) today named State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) to chair the Senate Standing Committee on Civil Justice. During the previous legislative session, Coley served as the Chairman of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee.


01.07.13 - Coley Sworn-in For Second Term In The Ohio Senate

Statehouse - 

As part of the Opening Ceremonies of the 130th General Assembly, Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) swore-in Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) as the Senator for the 4th District. Coley was first appointed to the State Senate in 2011. During the 129th General Assembly, Senator Coley presided as Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. Prior to his appointment, he served four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives’ 55th District, serving a portion of Butler County. 


12.13.12 - Senator Coley And Lakota West High School Hold Mock Hearing In Ohio Statehouse

Columbus, Ohio - 

State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) this morning hosted a social studies class from Lakota West High School, taught by Ms. Pamela Owen, at the Ohio Statehouse. The group held a mock legislative hearing in Ohio Senate’s North Hearing Room.


12.11.12 - PHOTO: Coley Named "Defender Of Liberty"

Columbus, Ohio - 

COLUMBUS– State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) was named Tuesday as a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union (ACU). Senator Coley received the award during a ceremony this morning in the Ladies Gallery of the Ohio Statehouse.


11.14.12 - PHOTO: Coley Offers Sponsor Testimony On Legislation On Ohio's "Call Before You Dig" Laws

Columbus, Ohio - 

COLUMBUS– State Senator Bill Coley (R–Liberty Township) today offered sponsor testimony on his bill, Senate Bill 354, which modifies Ohio’s “Call Before You Dig” laws. Having not been updated in more than 20 years, Senator Coley stated that these policies are outdated and require immediate attention from the General Assembly.


10.24.12 - PHOTO: Senator Coley Joins Huntington Bank For Ohio Jobs Announcement

Columbus - 

State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) joined Ohio Governor John Kasich and other state officials this morning to announce that Huntington Bank will expand its operation in Ohio.


09.14.12 - Coley Honored As "Watchdog Of The Treasury"

Columbus - 
Recognizing his commitment to low taxes, fiscal restraint, and smaller government, State Senator Bill Coley was recently named the "Watchdog of the Treasury" by the United Conservatives of Ohio.

03.21.12 - Coley's Bill To Clarify Renewable Energy Label Approved

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley announced today that his legislation seeking to clarify the definition of "renewable energy resources" under Ohio's energy law has been approved by the Ohio Senate.

02.24.12 - Senator Coley Announces Legislative Fellowship Opportunity In Columbus

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley announced today that the Ohio Legislative Service Commission is accepting applications for its 13-month Legislative Fellowship Program.

02.09.12 - Coley Hopes To Expand Renewable Energy Label

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley recently offered sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 289, a measure that would expand the definition of "renewable energy resources" to include a byproduct of steel production.

01.26.12 - Coley Bill Looks To Clarify Language Relating To Call Center Exemptions

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley today offered sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 263.

09.28.11 - Coley Named Chairman Of Senate Government Oversight And Reform Committee

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley announced today that he has been named chairman of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee by Senate President Tom Niehaus (R- New Richmond). The Government Oversight and Reform Committee deals with legislation and policy that seeks to promote increased accountability, transparency and reform in all aspects of state government.

09.01.11 - Senator Coley Introduces Resolution Calling For Constitutional Convention For Balanced Budget Amendment

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley announced today he has introduced a resolution that seeks to begin the process to amend the United States Constitution to include a balanced budget amendment.

06.21.11 - Coley Honors Lakota East Baseball Team For Winning State Championship

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley today recognized members of the Lakota East High School baseball team on the floor of the Ohio Senate for winning the Division I State Championship. Coley presented the team and their coach Ray Hamilton with a resolution honoring their achievement during this afternoon's Senate session.

06.08.11 - Statement From State Senator Bill Coley On Passage Of State Budget

Columbus - 
State Senator Bill Coley issued the following statement today regarding the Ohio Senate's passage of House Bill 153, the state's operating budget: "From the outset of this process, legislators knew we would be tasked with closing a multi-billion dollar shortfall, and I am pleased we were able to meet this challenge without raising taxes on Ohio families. The status quo in Ohio is no longer acceptable - we need to make a dramatic change in the way we operate this state. We need to create a streamlined, cost-effective government that is adaptable to a quickly-changing environment, and this budget is a good step in that direction.

05.24.11 - Bill Coley Appointed To 4th Ohio Senate District Seat

Columbus - 
The Ohio Senate today appointed Bill Coley (R- Liberty Township) to serve as state senator for the 4th Ohio Senate District, which encompasses all of Butler County. Coley replaces former Senator Gary Cates, who resigned from the Senate to become senior vice chancellor at the Ohio Board of Regents.