State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) introduced legislation today to limit the amount of non-taxable promotional gaming credit that casino operators may issue when they fail to meet their revenue projections.

"We need to ensure that Ohio schools and local governments receive the revenues promised to them," said Coley, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering. 

Senate Bill 140 limits the amount of non-taxable promotional gaming credits to $5 million for qualified establishments. 
There is currently no requirement under Ohio law limiting the amount of non-taxable promotional money that operators may issue to casino patrons.

"This legislation does not prevent establishments from giving away free rewards. We are simply requiring casinos to pay their fair share of taxes in the same manner that other legitimate Ohio businesses must pay," said Coley. 

Since 2012 casino operators have deducted over $500 million in promotional gaming credits from their revenues. These deductions amount to an estimated $165 million shortfall in revenues promised to schools and local governments. 

Senator Coley represents most of Butler County where public school districts would have received more than $825,000 and local governments would have received more than $1.25 million for public safety and other services if casinos were required to pay the taxes on promotional giveaways. 

Seventeen other states have similar laws limiting the amount of free promotional gaming credits that casinos may issue without paying taxes. Ohio is one of only six states with no restrictions on the amount of money casinos may give away and deduct from their total revenue, avoiding revenue commitments to school districts and local governments. 

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