Members are administered the oath of office on the first day of session.
Pete Fact : Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment in 1992, limiting state senators to two four-year terms and members of the Ohio House of Representatives to four two-year terms. Prior to that, the longest serving member of the Ohio Senate was Ted Gray, who served a total of 43 years. He retired in 1994.
The people of Ohio elect members of the Ohio Senate from 33 separate districts. Senate districts vary in geographic size, from part of a single city to several counties. Each state senator represents an equal number of people, serving approximately 344,000 constituents. Each Senate district is comprised of three House districts.

Pete Fact : Ohio Senate and House districts are redrawn every ten years using the latest federal census data to reflect changes in population. Under Article XI of the state constitution, this process is known as 'reapportionment.' Though not dictated by the state constitution, congressional districts are also redrawn at this time. That process is referred to as 'redistricting.'
Under Ohio law, senators may serve up to two four-year terms or eight consecutive years. Each general election year, approximately half of the state Senate is on the ballot. Both newly elected and mid-term senators are sworn in on the first day of session, which marks the beginning of a new General Assembly.