Senator John Eklund - Senate District 18

01.24.18 - Eklund Urges Department Of Defense To Choose Camp Ravenna For Missile Defense System


"Bringing the missile defense system to Ohio would create hundreds of high-paying jobs for our community," said Eklund. "I am happy to see the House take action on this important resolution that I hope will help secure a multi-billion dollar investment in Ohio, and also play an important role in our country's national defense strategy."


01.16.18 - Eklund Introduces Legislation To Ensure Fair Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment


“Individuals who are wrongfully imprisoned due to constitutional violations beforesentencing are no less harmed than those whose rights are violated after sentencing,” Senator Eklund stated. 


12.06.17 - Eklund Upholds Justice System And Strengthens Defendants' Rights


“It’s important to have clarity and certainty in the procedures of our criminal justice system,” stated Eklund.  “Without it, prosecutors' jobs are more difficult, defendants risk losing rights, and public confidence in the system suffers.”


11.15.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Eklund Attends National Public Safety Summit In Washington D.C.


“The time has come for public safety and corrections policy to be driven more by data analysis than by guesswork and suppositions,” said Senator Eklund. “Part of that analysis must factor in the very real impacts that behavioral health issues and the current drug crisis are having on the system."


11.08.17 - A Day To Honor Our Military Men And Women


Our veterans come from all backgrounds, regions and walks of life. Some have even made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield. But they all have one thing in common: courage.


10.26.17 - COLUMN: Protecting Ohio's Nuclear Plants Must Be A Top Priority


Ohio’s two nuclear plants, Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Ottawa County and Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County, have been fixtures on the Lake Erie shoreline for many years, producing reliable, carbon-free electricity that lights up our cities and homes and powers our industries around the clock. 


10.18.17 - PHOTO: Eklund Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Establish Ohio Ataxia Awareness Day


"I'm delighted to lend my support to this purposeful endeavor, which I hope will instill confidence in those living with this condition, as well as their families, that they have not been forgotten," said Eklund. 


09.12.17 - Eklund Commends USDA Secretary For Decision To Make Disaster Relief Available For Area Farmers


"News of the USDA disaster designation should ease some of the anxieties area farmers experienced after the late-season frost devastated so much of their crop production in May," said Eklund. 


08.09.17 - Honoring The Families Of Ohio's Military Personnel: August Is Ohio Military Family Month


Every day, our great nation is protected by thousands of dedicated men and women in uniform. Our military members make countless sacrifices so those of us here at home can live safely and freely. 


07.31.17 - Helping Ohio Families Save On Back-to-School Shopping: Sales Tax Holiday Set For August 4-6


This is a win-win for families, businesses and most importantly, students. I was proud to support this initiative, which will help families keep more of their hard earned money.


07.25.17 - Eklund Appointed To Ohio Tax Expenditure Review Committee


"We have worked hard to improve the business climate here in Ohio by enabling job creation through tax relief,"


06.29.17 - Of The People, By The People, And For The People


Independence Day provides us with an ideal opportunity to reflect on our history and renew our understanding of our unalienable rights as American citizens


06.29.17 - Balancing Ohio's Budget Without Raising Taxes, Protecting Essential Services


This budget has been a challenge on many levels. State revenue projections over the next two years are lower than expected, and the needs of Ohioans are many. Education at all levels, health care for the needy, a drug epidemic, public safety interests and environmental concerns all call for substantial resources.


06.22.17 - Senator Eklund Welcomes Area Residents To Attend District Office Hours In Mentor


“Keeping an open dialogue with my constituents helps me to understand their concerns about the important issues facing their communities, and allows me to best represent their views and opinions at the Statehouse,” Eklund said.


05.04.17 - Senate Passes Legislation Promoting Procedural Safeguards In Ohio's Criminal Justice System


"Our system of justice requires that proper procedures exist before the accused can be prosecuted and found guilty by a jury," said Eklund, the sponsor of Senate Bill 32. "This legislation also guarantees that a defendant is not left lingering in jail indefinitely without access to the courts."


05.01.17 - REMINDER: Eklund Invites Residents To Attend District Office Hours In Portage County


“Keeping an open dialogue with my constituents helps me to understand their concerns about the important issues facing their communities, and allows me to best represent their views and opinions at the Statehouse,” Eklund said.


04.14.17 - New Law Helps Ohio Families Access Autism Services


"I am incredibly pleased to celebrate the passage of this autism coverage bill that has been years in the making." said Senator Eklund, who co-sponsored the House Bill 463 in the Senate. "I want to commend my colleagues in the legislature, who joined this effort to provide proper coverage to families impacted by autism." 


04.06.17 - Eklund Welcomes Geauga County Residents To Attend District Office Hours


“Keeping an open dialogue with my constituents helps me to understand their concerns about the important issues facing their communities, and allows me to best represent their views and opinions at the Statehouse,” Eklund said.


04.05.17 - Eklund Introduces Legislation Protecting Ohio's Diverse Energy Portfolio


“Though nuclear power is among the cleanest, most reliable and most efficient forms of energy generation in the United States, nuclear plants across the country have begun to close prematurely, largely due to circumstances beyond their control.  Wholesale electricity prices are artificially and unsustainably low, making it nearly impossible for nuclear plants to operate in Ohio and nearby states,” Eklund explained.


03.31.17 - Eklund Welcomes Lake County Residents To Attend District Office Hours


“Keeping an open dialogue with my constituents helps me to understand their concerns about the important issues facing their communities, and allows me to best represent their views and opinions at the Statehouse,” Eklund said.


03.28.17 - Lake And Portage Counties To Receive Funding For Marine Patrol Units


State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) announced today that Lake and Portage counties will receive funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to support local marine patrol units.


03.22.17 - Senate Transportation Budget Invests $7.8 Billion For Improving Local Roads And Bridges


“This budget represents a significant investment in our state’s infrastructure, and in a fiscally responsible way,” said State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township). "It's about more than just state highways and bridges; I am particularly pleased that the Senate has enhanced state support for public transit, and for local projects."



02.21.17 - Eklund To Announce Legislation Updating Ohio's Criminal Code


State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) will join state lawmakers and corrections officials on Wednesday to announce legislation aimed at updating Ohio's criminal justice laws.


02.07.17 - Eklund Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program


"This program provides a unique opportunity for recent graduates to explore their interests in state government," said Eklund. “For many, the LSC Fellowship has led to successful careers in public policy, communications and public service."


02.03.17 - Ohio's County Behavioral Health Advocates Present Legislator Of The Year Award To Eklund


 "It is humbling to be chosen for an award such as this," said Eklund. "I believe in the kind of legislation that can bring hope, the kind that has the power to transform lives and the kind that makes the men, woman and children of Ohio feel secure and cared for."


01.26.17 - Eklund Named To Influential Senate Rules And Reference Committee


"I look forward to working alongside my colleagues on this committee to ensure that each piece of legislation is thoroughly vetted and serves to improve the quality of life for all Ohioans," said Senator Eklund. 


01.05.17 - Governor Signs Eklund's Bill Aimed At Addressing Ohio's Opiate Addiction Epidemic


“There is no one silver bullet that will end Ohio's drug addiction crisis but this legislation takes important steps to prevent these addictive substances from falling into the wrong hands in the first place," said Eklund. "Along with efforts to enhance drug prevention education programs in our classrooms, these reforms will play an important role in helping to address the drug problem before it rears its ugly head."


11.10.16 - Honoring The Service And Sacrifices Of Ohio's Veterans


Veteran’s Day is a time to express our gratitude for the current and former members of our Armed Forces. Originally established as Armistice Day in 1919 to commemorate the end of the First World War, the day was later changed to Veterans Day to honor all American service members.


09.01.16 - Celebrating Ohio's Steadfast Workforce


Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that generations of American workers have made, both past and present. It is also a time to recognize how our workforce has risen to the challenge time and time again by continuing to be the foundation upon which Ohio's economic turnaround has relied in recent years.


08.12.16 - Eklund To Serve On Committee Examining Drug Use Prevention Education In Ohio Schools


“There is no one silver bullet that will end Ohio's drug addiction crisis, but a thorough reexamination of the prevention programs offered to our children marks another crucial step in our ongoing efforts to combat and preempt the problem," said Eklund. "Effective prevention programs have the ability to save countless lives by addressing the problem before it even begins at a fraction of the cost that addiction treatment programs demand."


07.29.16 - Eklund Announces Tax-Free Weekend To Help Families Save On Back-to-School Shopping


Earlier this year, the Ohio General Assembly approved Senate Bill 264 allowing families to take advantage of tax-free savings when purchasing select items beginning Friday, August 5th and running through Sunday, August 7th.


06.28.16 - Celebrating The Spirit Of America On Independence Day


Just as important, we also remember what our history teaches us. As a nation we face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Independence Day reminds us that we’ve faced them before and overcome. Whether we’re up against complex social problems or government overreach, we never stop believing that tomorrow can be brighter than today. 


06.16.16 - A Father's Day Column By State Senator John Eklund


While fatherhood is a vocation as old as time, the institution of Father’s Day is relatively recent. The nation’s first statewide Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington State on June 19, 1910 and slowly the holiday gained traction.


05.25.16 - Senate Passes Bill Strengthening Efforts To Combat Ohio's Opiate Addiction Epidemic


"This legislation continues Ohio's commitment to combat drug addictions that devastate far too many Ohio families," said Senator Eklund, the bill's primary sponsor. "By plugging the leaks in the system, we can significantly reduce the illicit supply of opiates."


05.10.16 - Eklund To Announce Next Steps In Combating Ohio's Opiate Abuse Epidemic


State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) will join state and local leaders on Friday to announce legislation aimed at strengthening efforts to combat prescription drug abuse in Ohio.


04.27.16 - Eklund Honors Cornerstone Christian High School Basketball On State Championship


"These men have proven that the path to achievement is not always a straight one," said Eklund. "This team has demonstrated their strength of heart and made the entire community very proud."


04.12.16 - Eklund Announces State's Capital Bill To Make $2.6 Billion Investment In Ohio's Local Communities


"The state's Capital Budget invests in critical local priorities, with a strong emphasis on investing in services and facilities for Ohio's most vulnerable," said Eklund. "We continue to build on our commitment to support critical improvements in our communities Our ability to do so is attributed to Ohio's strong and growing fiscal condition." 


02.16.16 - Eklund Welcomes Residents To Attend District Office Hours


“Keeping an open dialogue with my constituents allows me to best represent their views and opinions at the Statehouse,” said Eklund.  


02.03.16 - State Recommends Mentor Public Schools For $1 Million Innovation Grant


"Mentor being recommended to lead this effort only reaffirms what we already know to be true—that our local schools are trendsetters in the ways they are preparing students for careers in the 21st century workplace," said Eklund.


01.29.16 - New Reports Show Positive Signs For Ohio's Economic Growth, Job Creation


“These milestones are more than just statistics," Eklund said. "They are tangible evidence that our policies and the actions we’re taking to advance them are working for the good of all Ohioans."


01.14.16 - Eklund Visits Learning Center Supporting Students With Developmental Disabilities


"I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the amazing children and staff at Dahlberg-Gibson this morning," said Eklund. "The support and services provided to students and families here is invaluable during these early stages of personal development and I was overwhelmed by the nurturing environment this center strives to ensure."


12.08.15 - Eklund Praises Passage Of Bill To Support Families Of Disabled And Fallen Officers


"I am proud that we have come together to ensure that the loved ones of these brave men and women receive the assistance they deserve," said Eklund. "Providing this compensation for families of our fallen law enforcement officers is the least we can do to honor such heroic public servants," said Eklund.


11.13.15 - Eklund Recognizes 2016 Teacher Of The Year


"It is an honor to recognize such an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are inspired to succeed," said Eklund. "The students she has taught throughout the past thirty-years are fortunate to learn by example from such an empowering educator."


11.11.15 - Honoring Our Veterans On Veterans Day


Our soldiers should be celebrated every day, but today is an especially important day to take an extra few minutes to share our thanks for our veterans.


11.09.15 - Educational Service Centers Honor Eklund For Commitment To Strengthening Education


"The success of Ohio's young people hinges on their ability to receive a quality education," said Eklund. "I have a great deal of respect for our education professionals who dedicate their careers to ensuring that students are prepared to succeed in life."


10.21.15 - Ohio Senate Approves Clarification Measure To Ensure Lower Taxes For Small Businesses, $44 Million More For Schools


“By our action today we add back over $40 million dollars to fund Ohio's local school districts,” according to Senator John Eklund, who was a co-sponsor of the bill.  “It is a fiscally responsible compromise that will help our students and form the basis of further efforts to fulfill our duty to them,” said Eklund. 


10.14.15 - VIDEO: Eklund Discusses Passage Of Bill To Support Families Of Officers Fallen In The Line Of Duty


Senator John Eklund speaks to John Fortney about the passage of SB 11, which provides death benefits for volunteer law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The legislation also provides disability benefits to disabled volunteer law enforcement officers. The legislation was named in honor of Jason Gresko, a volunteer law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty.


10.14.15 - Eklund Announces Passage Of Bill To Support Families Of Disabled And Fallen Officers


"Providing this compensation for families of our fallen law enforcement officers is the least we can do to honor such heroic public servants," said Eklund. "We owe it to these brave men and women to provide assistance to their loved ones."


10.02.15 - Eklund Delivers $750,000 To Chardon Local Schools To Support Healing


"These funds will help to offer recovery services to the Chardon school community as it continues to heal from tragedy," said Eklund. "For some, the struggle to find a sense of normalcy after the 2012 tragedy is ongoing, but we must continue to extend both prayers and resources to this community."


09.23.15 - Eklund To Present $750,000 To Chardon Schools For Comprehensive Support Program


State Senator Eklund will join Director Tracy Plouck to present local officials with a check in the amount of $750,000 on behalf of the State of Ohio for mental health services for the Chardon Local Schools community.


09.22.15 - Ohio's Unemployment Rate Falls To 14-year Low


In August, Ohio gained 16,500 new private sector jobs and unemployment dropped to 4.7 percent, below the national average of 5.1 percent. The state's rate of unemployment is at a 14-year low. 


09.03.15 - Labor Day And Ohio's Growing Workforce: Past, Present, Future


In 1890, Ohio enacted legislation that designated a day to honor the state’s workforce—four years before Labor Day became a national holiday. State Representative John Green (R-Cleveland) introduced the legislation to create a statewide day of celebration for workers. Green later became the first African-American to serve in the Ohio Senate.


09.02.15 - Hiram College News: Hiram Community Celebrates Hayden Renovations

HIRAM, Ohio - 

“I had the most fortunate opportunity throughout this project to work with the people associated with Hiram College and Hiram Village – the administrators, the faculty, staff, alumni, the mayor of Hiram,” said Sen. Eklund. “I’ve seen the positive relationship between the college and the community – not just the community in Hiram but the broader community in the state, and frankly, the decision to advocate on behalf of this project was an easy one.”


08.19.15 - Eklund Delivers $350,000 For Mentor Stormwater Improvements


"These funds will go along way toward addressing the stormwater run-off issues that have affected so many families in the Mentor community," said Eklund. “Ohio's improved economic performance allows us to provide funds to support our cities with these critically important projects.” 


08.17.15 - Eklund To Present Check To Mentor City Officials For Stormwater Project


State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) will present Mentor city officials with a check for $350,000 on behalf of the State of Ohio for stormwater improvements in the Mentor community. The presentation will be held TOMORROW at 7:30 p.m. during a meeting of the Mentor City Council.


08.11.15 - Eklund Delivers State Funds To Address Portage County Storm Water Issues


"Flooding has devastated too many families in this community, but today we are another step closer to a solution," said Eklund. “Ohio's improving performance has allowed us to tackle this need right here in Shalersville.” 


08.07.15 - Eklund To Present Check To Local Officials For Aurora East Storm Water Project


Earlier this summer, Senator Eklund advocated for an amendment to the state's main operating budget to provide state support to the Aurora East community for the storm water improvement project. The state funds will be used to help provide a long term solution to area flooding issues that have strained local resources. 


08.05.15 - Helping Ohioans With Disabilities Overcome Financial Barriers


I believe that we must do all we can to remove the barriers placed on these families to save for expenses associated with caring for a loved one with a disability. 


07.31.15 - New Holiday To Help Families Save Money On Back-to-School Shopping: August 7 Through 9


Many holidays, like New Years, Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, have already passed, but there’s one more holiday on the horizon that you will want to add to your calendar this year: Ohio’s first-ever Sales Tax Holiday, which will take place August 7 through August 9. Ohio’s new holiday will help save families more money while allowing them to invest in their highest priority—their children. 


07.28.15 - Eklund To Hold Open District Office Hours


“Keeping an open dialogue with constituents allows me to hear their concerns about important issues facing our communities and to best represent those perspectives in the Ohio Senate."


07.17.15 - Legislation To Deliver Justice To Victims Of Sexual Violence Signed Into Law


“This new law will help ensure that justice is served in the most complete, effective and efficient way possible. I appreciate the partnership of the victim advocacy groups, law enforcement and the legal community on this legislation," said Eklund.


07.14.15 - Eklund To Honor Memory Of Local Vietnam Soldier In Highway Dedication Ceremony


State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) along with other state and local officials will join the family and friends of Lance Corporal Daniel G. Zegarac on Friday to honor the fallen soldier's sacrifice during a special ceremony at the Kirtland City Hall Veterans Memorial.


07.01.15 - Fourth Of July: Celebrating Our Nation's Independence


"I encourage you to take part in local celebrations while enjoying time spent with family and friends. Always remember those who have served our nation dutifully so we may observe our national independence."


06.25.15 - Eklund Announces Senate Passage Of State Budget, Lowering Taxes And Investing In Education


“This balanced budget builds on our continuing efforts to help Ohioans keeps more of their money to invest in education and workforce development, to encourage job creation and take care of those in need,” said Eklund. “Ohio's improving performance has also allowed us to tackle some specific needs right here in our community through the budget.” 


06.23.15 - Eklund Selected For National Leadership Program


State Senator Eklund is one of only fifty state legislators chosen from a nationwide pool of over 200 outstanding nominees. “I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to participate in this program,” Eklund said.  “I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas with others on how to help lead our states through the challenges of today and tomorrow.”


06.18.15 - Eklund Announces Passage Of Senate Proposal To Cut Taxes And Support Local Communities


“The Senate’s changes to the main operating budget bill will provide substantial income and small business tax cuts and meaningful reductions in Medicaid cost," said Eklund. "The Senate’s version assures that no school districts will be funded below their 2015 levels. It continues our ongoing efforts to help Ohioans keep more of their money, attract jobs and investment and care for truly needy Ohioans.”


05.22.15 - Commemorating The Lives Of Our Fallen Heroes


Whether you spend the day helping veterans, attending a local parade or ceremony, or decorating the grave of a fallen hero, I encourage you to honor the memory of those who died protecting our freedoms.


05.18.15 - Violent Career Criminal Act Would Improve Safety Of Geauga County


"This bill will go a long way toward protecting our community from the worst of the worst threats to public safety," said Eklund. "This legislation helps county prosecutors to lock up these dangerous criminals."


05.13.15 - Eklund And Flaiz To Hold Press Conference On Violent Career Criminal Act


Senate Bill 97, better known as the Violent Career Criminal Act, would classify any adult convicted of at least two violent felonies in the past eight years as a "violent career criminal." If any offender with this designation commits another felony, the bill would require an additional 2 to 11 years of mandatory prison time. For additional crimes involving firearms, it would increase the prison time by 50 percent.


05.06.15 - Ohio Senate Takes Aim At High College Costs


“Improving incentives to save can enhance the financial health of all Ohioans,” said Eklund. “When we save for our children’s education, we advance their futureprospects."


05.06.15 - Eklund Honors National Champion Chardon Hilltoppers Cheerleading Squad


“The heights to which the Chardon Cheerleading Competitive Squad has risen is yet another reflection of the pursuit of excellence that is the hallmark of Chardon Schools," said Eklund.  “We are all very proud of these young ladies and we know great things lie ahead for them.”


04.29.15 - Eklund Announces Senate Passage Of Violent Career Criminal Act


"This bill will go a long way toward protecting Ohioans from the worst of the worst threats to the public safety," said Eklund. "Violent career criminals must be taken and kept off our streets."


04.16.15 - Eklund Announces Legislation To Improve Financial Situation Of People Living With Disabilities


"It’s high time we helped remove outdated disincentives to saving for our fellow Ohioans with disabilities.  Encouraging them and their loved ones to put money away for school, transportation, wellness and other needs will not just help improve their quality of life – it will strengthen our economy as a whole," said Eklund.


03.25.15 - Eklund Announces Passage Of Legislation That Helps Bring Justice To Victims Of Sexual Violence


“Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Eklund, who chairs the Senate's Criminal Justice Committee.  “We owe it to victims to make sure justice is served in the most complete, effective and efficient way possible. I appreciate the partnership of the victim advocacy groups, law enforcement and the legal community on this legislation."


03.06.15 - Eklund Bill Could Offer Relief From Stringent Septic Rules For Geauga County


"The new rules try to be all things to all communities, and in the process they are likely to impose burdens that are inappropriate for some," said Eklund. "Communities with proven track records of outstanding attention to these public health issues should be allowed to continue their good work with practices and procedures that have been effective and suitable to their circumstances."


03.03.15 - Eklund Sponsors Legislation To Restore Local Control Of Roads


Senator John Eklund delivered testimony before a senate committee today for a bill that would grant counties the ability to control traffic on local roadways.


02.18.15 - Eklund Announces Passage Of Bill To Protect Ohio Water Supply


State Senator John Eklund announced the passage of Senate Bill 1 today, which continues the state's effort to fight toxic algae in Ohio waterways and ensure clean drinking water for Ohioans. 


01.15.15 - Eklund Addresses Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day


Senator Eklund today addressed the annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day conference at the Ohio Statehouse.


11.08.14 - Honoring Our Veterans


A Veterans Day message from Senator John Eklund.  


05.28.14 - Senate Approves Eklund Initiative To Create Fund For Volunteer Police Officers


The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 288, sponsored by Senator John Eklund, to create the Volunteer Police Officer’s Dependent Fund. The fund would function in the same manner as the already established volunteer firefighters dependents fund.


05.28.14 - Senate Approves Bipartisan Initiative To Improve Women's Health


Today the Senate passed Senate Bill 54, jointly sponsored by Senators John Eklund and Eric Kearney, which would require a mammogram facility to inform a patient of the presence of dense breast tissue.


05.28.14 - Senate Approves Bipartisan Initiative To Name March As "Ohio Maple Syrup Products Month"


The Senate today approved Senate Bill 272, jointly sponsored by Senators John Eklund and Capri Cafaro, which would designate March as “Ohio Maple Syrup Products Month.” This legislation intends to recognize Ohio for its rich maple syrup history dating back to the early Native Americans.


05.21.14 - Eklund Honors 2015 Principal Of The Year


Senators John Eklund and Capri Cafaro today recognized Andy Fetchik, principal of Chardon High School, for being named the 2015 High School Principal of the Year. Andy was recognized for his strong leadership, personality, and professionalism. The award is jointly sponsored by the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators and MetLife.


04.01.14 - Eklund Announces Passage Of Capital Budget


Senator John Eklund today announced the 2014 Ohio Capital Budget has cleared both chambers of the General Assembly and will now be delivered to Governor John Kasich for his signature.


03.27.14 - House Approves Eklund Plan For Recycled Water


Senator John Eklund today announced that the Ohio House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 179, a bill he authored to include recycled water among the approved private water systems regulated by the Ohio Department of Health and local boards of health.


03.04.14 - Ohio Youth Banned From Purchasing E-Cigarettes


Senator John Eklund today announced that House Bill 144, which bans Ohio youth from purchasing and using alternative nicotine products, has been signed into law by the Governor.


02.13.14 - Bill Would Prohibit Sale Of Electronic Cigarettes To Minors


COLUMBUS-- The Ohio Senate signed off on legislation Wednesday to prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.


01.23.14 - Eklund Praises Ohio's Fiscal Condition Rating


COLUMBUS– State Senator John Eklund (R–Munson Township) today praised a new report showing Ohio is ranked seventh out of 50 states for its fiscal condition.


01.06.14 - Senator Eklund Urges Ohioans To Take Precaution Against Cold Weather


COLUMBUS– Senator John Eklund (R–Munson Township) today urges all residents of Northern Ohio to take additional precautions during the pending bitter cold temperatures descending on the Midwest over the next 48 hours.


12.17.13 - State Sen. John Eklund Discusses 2013 Legislative Highlights


State Sen. John Eklund, R-Munson Township, stopped by The News-Herald on Monday to discuss some of the legislative highlights that he feels are important to his constituents in Ohio Senate District 18.

The district includes half of Lake County, two-thirds of Geauga County and all of Portage County.

Here is some of what Eklund had to say:


11.19.13 - Senate Approves Recycled Water To Be Used As Private Water System


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 179, sponsored by Senator John Eklund (R–Munson Township) which seeks include recycled water among the approved private water systems regulated by the Ohio Department of Health and local boards of health.


06.27.13 - Eklund Announces Historic Tax Cut, Largest Investment In Public Education In A Decade


COLUMBUS– Senator John Eklund (R–Munson Township) today announced the passage of House Bill 59, the state’s two-year operating budget. The bill contains as its cornerstones one of the largest single-year tax cuts in Ohio’s history as well as the largest legislative investment in public education in more than 10 years.


06.06.13 - Small Business Tax Cut, Historic Investment In Education Approved By Senate


COLUMBUS — State Senator John Eklund today announced the Ohio Senate approved a state budget that includes a $1.4 billion tax cut for small businesses and makes the largest investment in public education in the last decade. The two-year, $61.8 billion budget also provides funding for state agencies and departments, as well as health and human services for Ohioans in need.


05.02.13 - Eklund Recognizes Chardon Students At Statehouse Rally


COLUMBUS — State Senator John Eklund presented a Senate Proclamation this afternoon to a group of students from Chardon High School as part of the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network Rally. The event, which drew hundreds of teens from across the state, was held to encourage Ohio’s youth to avoid drug and alcohol abuse.


04.23.13 - Eklund Honors Waite Hill Mayor Arthur Baldwin On Retirement


COLUMBUS — During today’s Senate session, State Senator John Eklund presented Arthur Baldwin with a resolution honoring his 46 years of service to the Village of Waite Hill as Mayor. Baldwin, a U.S. Army veteran, was first elected as Mayor in 1966.


04.18.13 - Eklund Recognizes Area Wrestling Champs


COLUMBUS — During Wednesday’s Senate session, State Senator John Eklund recognized two area students for winning the Division II State Wrestling Championship in their respective weight classes. Anthony Tutolo – a junior at Lake Catholic High School – won the title in the 126-pound class, while Perry High School student Billy Miller was crowned champion in the heavyweight division.


04.18.13 - Legislators Honor Mentor Boys Basketball Team At Statehouse


COLUMBUS — State Senators John Eklund and Nina Turner (D- Cleveland) recognized members of the Mentor High School boys basketball team yesterday for winning the Division I State Championship. Eklund and Turner presented the team and their coach, Bob Krizancic, with a resolution honoring their achievement during Wednesday’s Senate session.


03.12.13 - Eklund Named To Correctional Institution Inspection Committee


COLUMBUS — State Senator John Eklund has been appointed to the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) by Senate President Keith Faber (R- Celina). Comprised of legislators from both the Senate and the Ohio House, CIIC is responsible for inspecting and evaluating each state correctional institution, private correctional facility and youth services facility once during the biennium and reporting its findings to the Legislature. 


01.09.13 - Eklund To Chair Senate Criminal Justice Committee


COLUMBUS — State Senator John Eklund has been tapped by Senate President Keith Faber (R- Celina) to serve as Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee for the 130th General Assembly. Eklund will also serve as Vice-Chairman of the Commerce & Labor Committee. Both committees were established as separate panels as part of the Senate Committee restructuring announced earlier this month by President Faber.


01.07.13 - John Eklund Sworn In As State Senator For 18th Ohio Senate District


COLUMBUS — John Eklund was sworn in this afternoon for his first full term as State Senator for the 18th Ohio Senate District, which includes portions of Geauga and Lake counties and all of Portage County. Eklund – who was first appointed to the Ohio Senate in 2011 – took the oath of office surrounded by family and friends during today’s opening ceremony for the 130th General Assembly.


10.29.12 - Senator Eklund: Connecting Workers And Employers


Guest column by State Senator John Eklund


09.28.12 - Senator Eklund: Transforming Ohio's Business Environment

Columbus - 
Guest column by State Senator John Eklund

05.16.12 - Eklund's DNA Bill Signed By Governor

Columbus - 
Legislation sponsored by Senator John Eklund that closes a loophole in Ohio's DNA law and ensures that all felony offenders are treated equally was recently signed by Governor Kasich. The bill requires the collection of a DNA sample from individuals who are charged with a felony, but are not technically arrested for the offense. These individuals were previously not required to provide a DNA sample.

05.15.12 - Ohio Senate Extends Job Incentive Measure

Columbus - 
The Ohio Senate today approved legislation sponsored by State Senator John Eklund extending the deadline for Ohio's Enterprise Zone Program to October 15, 2013, ensuring Ohio continues to provide a business friendly environment which is needed for ongoing job growth. The program is currently scheduled to end this October.

05.04.12 - Eklund Promotes Bill Encouraging Community Investment

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund (R- Munson Township) appeared before the Senate Ways and Means and Economic Development Committee this week to urge support for his bill extending the deadline for the Ohio Enterprise Zone program until October 15, 2013. The program allows local officials to work with businesses in order to encourage investment in their community and create new job opportunities.

04.18.12 - Eklund's Bill Strengthens Crime Fighting Efforts

Columbus - 
Collecting DNA is critical in solving criminal cold cases. Senate sponsored legislation that passed in the Ohio House of Representatives today will close a loophole in current state law giving authorities greater access to solve crimes.

04.03.12 - Eklund Bill Seeks To Encourage Community Investment

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund introduced legislation to extend the certification deadline for local governments who want to qualify for a state program geared toward attracting new jobs through new business tax incentives.

03.01.12 - District Office Hours Canceled For This Weekend

Columbus - 
In light of the recent tragedy at Chardon High School, State Senator John Eklund announced today that district office hours that were to be held this Saturday, March 3, 2012 Surfside Towers in Eastlake Ohio have been canceled.

02.27.12 - Eklund Statement On Chardon High School Shooting

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund  issued the following statement this morning in response to the shooting at Chardon High School.

02.15.12 - Eklund Announces Upcoming District Office Hours

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund recently announced upcoming dates for district office hours in Geauga and Lake Counties.

01.09.12 - Eklund Brings DNA Testing Before Senate Panel

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund today presented sponsor testimony for Senate Bill 268.

12.21.11 - Eklund Appointed To The Great Lakes Commission

Columbus - 
Senate President Tom Niehaus today announced that Senator John Eklund has been appointed to serve as a member of the Great Lakes Commission.

12.15.11 - Senator Eklund: Taking On Cyber Fraud

Columbus - 
Guest column by Senator John Eklund

12.13.11 - Eklund Hosts Division V Football Champs At Statehouse

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund today presented a Senate Resolution to members of the Kirtland High School football team.The Hornets recently punctuated a perfect season by defeating Coldwater for the Division V State Championship.

12.01.11 - From Our State Senator: John Eklund

Columbus - 
Guest column by State Senator John Eklund

11.29.11 - Eklund Honors Memory Of Painesville Marine

Columbus - 
State Senator John Eklund today presented a Senate Resolution to the family of Lance Corporal David Raymond Baker. Lance Corporal Baker, a native of Painesville, died on October 20, 2009 after a roadside-bomb blast while serving in Afghanistan.

11.14.11 - Eklund Named To Three Senate Standing Committees

Columbus - 
Senate President Tom Niehaus today announced that State Senator John Eklund has been appointed to three senate standing committees.Last week, Eklund assumed the 18th District seat that had been vacant since early September.

11.09.11 - Eklund Sworn In As Senator For 18th Senate District

Columbus - 
John Eklund assumed his seat today in the Ohio Senate, representing the 18th Senate District, which is composed of Geauga and Lake Counties and a portion of Cuyahoga County. The seat had been vacant since early September.