Senator Randy Gardner - Senate District 2

05.17.17 - Gardner's New School Support Bill Passes Senate


“This new option for schools ushers in a new era of reaching out to districts to help them meet the needs of school children, whether it’s better technology, safer schools or other priority school needs,” Gardner said. “Many districts I represent want this option.”




“I’ve done my best to listen and make the best judgment I can,” Gardner said.


07.27.16 - Gardner And Hite Begin Work On Ohio Violent Offender Registry


“One of the fundamental responsibilities of government is the safety of our citizens,” said Senators Gardner and Hite. “We have an obligation to do what we can to listen to the concerns and anxieties of the people we represent while working with law enforcement to best achieve enhanced safety and public awareness.”


06.13.16 - Governor Signs Senator Gardner's Patients Advocate Bill


“This bill begins a new era when patients can receive health care in a more timely manner – the same health care they expect, deserve and have paid for,” Gardner said Monday.  “We need a more modern, accountable and cost-effective prior authorization process in Ohio.  Soon we will.”


10.23.15 - Lake Erie Caucus To Consider Clean Water Bond Issue


“Some of us believe Ohio has the capacity to do more, and must take another important step, in the fight for clean water in Ohio,” Senator Gardner said. “A statewide clean water bond issue can be part of that next step. I’m sure Ohioans would embrace the cause.”


12.16.13 - Senate Bill 229 Improves Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System


Ohio’s intensive teacher evaluation system just started this school year, so at first it seemed that Senate Bill 229, which offers a different way of evaluating teachers, would be a recipe for confusion. The bill recently rolled through the Senate and it's now awaiting action in the Ohio House.

But it’s clear the bill gives school districts more options on how to do teacher evaluations. That ought to make it easier for districts to comply. The House should pass this bill.


12.13.13 - Senators Form Lake Erie Caucus To Focus On Environmental, Economic Issues Involving Ohio's North Shore


Two state senators announced Thursday they are forming a Lake Erie Caucus to help focus attention on issues involving Ohio’s north shore.

“Lake Erie is one of Ohio’s truly great natural assets,” Sen. Randy Gardner, a Republican from Bowling Green, said in a statement. “We just believe the lake and all it means to Ohio needs even more focus. As state legislators, we have an obligation to provide that focus and leadership.”


12.09.13 - As School Districts Attempt To Implement Mandated Teacher Evaluations, Legislature Toys With Changes


After four years of preparing for a massive overhaul of how Ohio teachers are evaluated, paid and fired, the state legislature is in the process of making another change.

A bill unanimously passed by the Senate last week on its way to the House, proposes flexibility to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), a process of placing teachers into four performance categories by using student test scores and principal observations.


12.06.13 - Better Evaluation


Among a slew of bills that passed the Statehouse this week was Senate Bill 229, which would make the new system for evaluating Ohio teachers a little less rigid and burdensome for teachers and school districts.


11.21.13 - Ohio Senate Seeks To End Dumping Into Lake Erie


COLUMBUS - The Ohio Senate Wednesday approved an amendment sponsored by Senator Randy Gardner that strives to end open lake dumping of dredged materials in Lake Erie. The Gardner amendment re-appropriates approximately $1.6 million of existing state funds toward conservation practices in the counties of the Western Lake Erie Basin and specifically provides for transferring money to the Healthy Lake Erie Fund to address open lake dumping.




Senator Randy Gardner Tuesday introduced legislation designed to improve patient care for stroke victims in Ohio.

Gardner, a member of the Senate Medicaid, Health and Human Services Committee, was joined by a bipartisan group of senators who co-sponsored his legislation.  Senate Bill 221 would establish a recognition system in Ohio for hospitals seeking to be comprehensive strokes centers, primary stroke centers and acute stroke ready hospitals.


08.29.13 - Lake Erie Legislative Day On Catawba Island


Today, state Legislators, hosted by Senator Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green), learned about efforts to improve the health of Lake Erie at Lake Erie Legislative Day on Catawba Island. The legislators also were given a sneak peak of this weekend's Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial celebration. Tall Ships like the Hindu will participate in the events.


08.07.13 - Gardner Visits Lake Erie Watershed, Talks New Farming Practices


Senator Randy Gardner and ODNR Director Jim Zehringer talk about new farming practices to reduce nutrient runoff and improve water quality in the Western Lake Erie Watershed. More than $2 million has been spent to protect Ohio's lakes and waterways.


04.10.13 - School Safety Legislation Clears The Ohio Senate


Senate Bill 42, jointly sponsored by Senators Gayle Manning (R–North Ridgeville) and Randy Gardner (R–Bowling Green), passed the Ohio Senate today with broad bipartisan support. The legislation will authorize the creation of local levies for the sole purpose of funding additional school safety and security.


01.07.13 - Gardner Sworn-in As Senator For The 2nd District

Statehouse - 

State Senator Randy Garder was sworn in today for the 130th General Assembly.