COLUMBUS—State Senator Randy Gardner cast his 10,000th consecutive roll call vote as a state legislator Wednesday on the Senate floor.

Gardner’s voting record includes all bills, amendments and resolutions since becoming a legislator in 1985. He has not missed one day of full voting session since that time.

“Randy Gardner’s dedication to the job he’s been elected to do over the years is unmatched,” said Senator Larry Obhof, President Pro Tem of the Senate. “He will continue to be a great asset in the Senate.”

Gardner admits some of the votes have been difficult ones and cannot always be supported by every constituent.

“I’ve done my best to listen and make the best judgment I can,” Gardner said.

Gardner was re-elected in November to another four-year term in the Senate, representing Wood, Lucas, Fulton, Ottawa and Erie counties.

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“I’ve done my best to listen and make the best judgment I can,” Gardner said.


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