COLUMBUS - State Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima) will announce the introduction of legislation that would would make participation in prevailing wage guidelines permissive, rather than required, for local governments institutions of higher education and specialty districts.

State Senator Matt Huffman
Allen County Commissioner Jay Begg
Mayor Mark Barhorst, City of Sidney 

Harding Press Briefing Room, Ohio Statehouse

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. 
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Local Law Enforcement Receive State Funds To Combat Heroin Crisis In Allen And Shelby Counties


"These programs build on our efforts to empower local communities as they tackle the heroin crisis and help those struggling with addiction to find the treatment they so desperately need," said Huffman. "We are grateful for the work being done by our law enforcement professionals to address this problem, which exists in virtually every community across this state."


Helping Families Save On Back-to-School Shopping: 2017 Ohio Sales Tax Holiday, August 4-6


This is a win-win for families, businesses and most importantly, students. I was proud to support this initiative, which will help families keep more of their hard earned money.


Huffman Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation Banning Dismemberment Abortion Procedures


"It is the duty of the state to protect the rights of it’s citizens,” said Senator Huffman. "Our caucus is committed to protecting the health and well-being of Ohio’s pregnant women and babies and this legislation reflects that commitment." 


Senate Budget Closes Fiscal Shortfall And Protects Essential Services For Ohioans


“All budgets are imperfect," said Senator Huffman. "There are things I’m glad are included, some I wish were eliminated, and others I’m happy were left out. I do not support the amendment to change setback requirements for the construction of wind turbines, and I worked with the Finance Chairman and leadership to pare down its effect. In addition, we should be doing more to solve the unpredictability of school funding in Ohio so that we don’t have the mad dash of school district appropriations moving up and down every two years."