COLUMBUS — State Senator Kris Jordan recently introduced legislation that would provide a property tax exemption to individuals that home school their children. Jordan is sponsoring Senate Bill 127 to help reduce the costs families incur when they choose to educate their children at home. 

“Home schooling requires an immense amount of parental involvement, which has many positive benefits for children, but it also involves a great deal of sacrifice,” Jordan said. “Families that elect to home school their children often pay directly out of pocket for many of the materials and other items needed, and my proposal could help significantly in defraying some of these costs. This could free up resources that could be used for other needs or to further enhance a child’s education.”

There are currently more than 20,000 home-schooled children in Ohio. Under Jordan’s proposal, families who home school would be eligible for a reduction in their property taxes. Those seeking a reduction would have to submit an application to the county auditor. 

Senate Bill 127 has been assigned to the Senate Ways & Means Committee for further discussion.

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