Columbus - 
Since first entering the General Assembly in 2009, one of my top priorities has been to ensure that the Ohio estate tax would become a thing of the past. Earlier this year, I sponsored legislation that was geared toward bringing a definitive end to this tax that has been deterring economic expansion in our state for decades.

I am happy to report to the people of the 19th Senate District that the recent state biennial budget signed into law by Governor Kasich included a provision that will indeed end the estate tax effective in 2013.

Enacted in 1968, the "Death Tax" as it has been called, has done little more than inhibit Ohio's ability to compete with the rest of the nation. From small businessmen and women to local farm owners, far too many have been forced to operate under the looming threat of government taking its unfair share. Too often, hard-working people have had no other choice but to leave Ohio in favor of neighboring states in order to preserve financial stability and security for their loved ones. This 40-plus year exodus has taken away too much of Ohio's money, too many of its jobs, and too many of our beloved families.

The language found in the bill is very similar to that contained in both my Senate Bill 90 and a House companion bill that were introduced earlier this year.

I commend Governor Kasich and my fellow Senate Republicans for providing Ohio with a responsible and innovative budget that not only closes a multi-billion dollar deficit without raising taxes, but also does away with one of the most detrimental taxes in our state's history. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the future in order to continue making progress toward a full economic recovery.
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