Senator Jordan: Defending Life At All Stages
By State Senator Kris Jordan
October 12, 2011
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Columbus - 
Few things more accurately define a society than the manner in which it treats human life. Whether at its twilight or conception, we must do all that is possible to preserve and protect those who are most vulnerable. Yet, for nearly forty years, we have found ourselves living in an age where the sanctity of life is too easily disregarded or simply ignored. Throughout my legislative career, I have advocated for the re-evaluation and reconsideration of the abortion laws affecting Ohio. Both at home and in Columbus, I have worked side-by-side with thousands of Ohioans dedicated to defending life at every stage. I recently introduced legislation that will protect society's most innocent, while also easing the minds of taxpayers of all ages. Senate Bill 201 would reprioritize family planning funding to local health departments, federally-qualified centers, and similar entities that provide comprehensive care services, but do not administer abortions. In other words, pro-life taxpayers will no longer have to worry that their tax dollars are contributing to the abortions conducted by groups such as Planned Parenthood. In 2009 alone, Planned Parenthood performed more than 332,000 abortions. Not only had the amount of abortions doubled in the ten years since 1999, but so did the amount of taxpayer funding that was placed in their coffers. Although federal law prohibits public tax revenue from being used to terminate pregnancies, those same entities that provide abortions are still eligible for public dollars if the funds are used to finance other aspects of their work. Rationale such as this is unacceptable and in no way is it a fair and sound way of governing. Enough is enough. It is appalling that our citizens are forced to aid in the destruction of innocent lives. While the legal and moral debates over abortion are sure to continue for years to come, we must make a bold stance in favor of life and see to it that the public subsidizing of abortion ends very soon. I am firmly committed to leading this battle and protecting life in all its forms.
Jordan represents Ohio's 19th Senate District, which includes Delaware, Knox, Morrow, Richland, and part of Ashland counties. Prior to serving in the Senate, he served as a State Representative and as a Delaware County Commissioner. He is a proven advocate for spending restraint, lower taxes, and family values. He lives in Powell with his wife, Melissa.
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