Senator Jordan: Reflecting On The Year That Was
By State Senator Kris Jordan
December 13, 2011
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The time has come yet again to say farewell to a year gone by. Fortunately, the Christmas season offers the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and close friends and to express our appreciation for them. It is also allows us to take stock of the past twelve months and to evaluate ways in which our lives have changed since the start of the year. I am pleased to report that Ohio witnessed a great deal of positive change in 2011. Since January, Senate Republicans have worked ardently to pass sound reform measures aimed at pulling Ohio out of the jaws of recession and into a place of real recovery. Many of our intended goals are beginning to be realized, and a great deal of impact from it has already been felt throughout our state. Legislative work in 2011 was conducted with you in mind. Lowering the tax burden on Ohio's families and welcoming job creators into our state were - and remain - of the utmost importance. That is why we enacted unprecedented tax reform earlier this year. From $1.7 billion in annual property tax relief and over $800 million in income tax savings to the landmark elimination of the job-crushing estate tax, we have been persistent in finding new and efficient ways to give back the money that you earn. In challenging economic times, it is essential that Ohioans are given the resources to provide for their families and rebuild financial stability, and that is what we have done here. In order to realize long-lasting recovery, Ohio must first rebuild its once dynamic business community. Two groundbreaking job-creation initiatives - JobsOhio and InvestOhio - took shape this year and are up and running as you are reading this. JobsOhio is a public-private partnership dedicated to expanding our state's economy by putting to use the expertise of leaders from the business community. The need to grow Ohio's workforce was also behind the recent launch of InvestOhio, which provides income tax credits of 10-percent to individuals investing up to $10 million in eligible small businesses. The plan requires that the company employs at least 50 Ohio residents or that a minimum of 51% of overall employees are located here. Whereas small business accounts for nearly half of the jobs held by Ohioans, we know how vital it is to continue our investment in Ohio's domiciled companies. Steps toward greater energy independence also came in 2011. We have finally opened the door to increased energy exploration in the Marcellus and Utica shales. In recent years, both Michigan and Pennsylvania have begun realizing the economic and employment benefits of this industry and I am relieved that Ohio has finally taken action. Additionally, I was pleased to play a role in creating the Oil and Gas Leasing Board which will assist in the leasing of land for drilling. Though this industry is relatively new to Ohio, I am quite confident that it will translate into considerable economic opportunity for our families and communities. There is no one way to define a year. Whether in days and weeks or events or changes in one's life, the passing of any year tends to carry a very personal significance. Personally, I will remember 2011 as a time in which lawmakers reaffirmed their belief in the people and families of Ohio. Through a series of comprehensive and effective policy changes, we began to cultivate an atmosphere for business to take root, jobs to grow, and family's to reclaim their economic grounding. My colleagues and I are grateful for your continued support, and we are all eager to carry this work on into the New Year.
Jordan represents Ohio's 19th Senate District, which includes Delaware, Knox, Morrow, Richland, and part of Ashland counties. Prior to serving in the Senate, he served as a State Representative and as a Delaware County Commissioner. He is a proven advocate for spending restraint, lower taxes, and family values. He lives in Powell with his wife, Melissa.
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