At times, I cannot help but to sit in awe of the naysayers and detractors who continue to stand in the way of expanded energy exploration in the State of Ohio. With current gas prices and unemployment rates resting at troubling and unacceptable levels, the time has come for Ohio to improve the present day in order to secure our future. That is why earlier this year I introduced Senate Bill 108, which would create an Oil and Gas Leasing Board whose authority would oversee the exploration of natural gas and oil on state lands. The key word here is exploration. In our current condition, we cannot be afraid to take bold steps to improve our state's future, and we need to start taking advantage of the resources right below our own feet. Both Pennsylvania and Michigan are now reaping the financial benefits of opening the door to increased energy exploration. Last year alone, Pennsylvania's drilling endeavors contributed over $128 million in the effort to close a budget shortfall and the state of Michigan also took in $178 million through their own land lease drilling process. In addition to revenue generation, the expansion of drilling in Ohio would undoubtedly help in expanding our workforce and growing our business community. A recent report out of Pennsylvania states that in the past year, 48,000 people have been put to work in industries related to the Marcellus Shale drilling efforts in that state and that 71-percent of those hired were local residents. I'm proud to tell you that recently the House and Senate passed legislation to create the Oil and Gas Leasing Board and move Ohio along the path to energy independence. The revenue and jobs generated by this legislation will undoubtedly help in our state's economic recovery.
Jordan represents Ohio's 19th Senate District, which includes Delaware, Knox, Morrow, Richland, and part of Ashland counties. Prior to serving in the Senate, he served as a State Representative and as a Delaware County Commissioner. He is a proven advocate for spending restraint, lower taxes, and family values. He lives in Powell with his wife, Melissa.
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