State Senators Frank LaRose (R-Copley) and Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) will be introducing legislation that would direct the Board of Building Standards within the Department of Commerce to implement rules on the use of barricade devices on school doors during emergency situations.
Senator LaRose, who has been working on the bill since last General Assembly, says the bill attempts to clarify the measures a school can take when an assailant enters with the intent to cause harm.

Currently, the differing interpretations of the Ohio Building Code are causing frustration and concern across the state. 
“The only option that schools now have to protect students from intruders, when it is necessary to barricade a door, is the unreliable—and potentially hazardous—process of stacking chairs and desks against classroom doors,” said Senator LaRose. “Current code provisions prevent schools from using safer and more effective solutions.”
This legislation seeks to allow schools to choose the most effective barricading options to protect Ohio’s children. It would require the Board of Building Standards to adopt rules on the use of these devices in schools. These new standards will help further develop a common sense approach to safely dealing with emergency situations.
Additionally, Senator Hottinger has been working on resolving the issue since January after meeting with concerned parents and teachers in his district. He has since been coordinating meetings that include the Attorney General’s office, the state Fire Marshal, and the Department of Commerce to discuss potential resolutions to the concerns.

“Our hope is that the bill keeps the Board of Building Services on task towards finding a solution,” said Senator Hottinger. “We are certainly looking for a timely remedy to this issue.”

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