State Senator Frank LaRose (R-Copley Township) today announced the introduction of this year’s $2.6 billion Capital Budget. This investment will support the infrastructure priorities of the state and funds needed improvements to community services, school facilities, roads, bridges, waterways and parks.

The legislature generally approves a capital budget every two years in order to fund pressing projects around the state.

"This important legislation invests in economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance, contributing to quality of life and economic growth in our community," said LaRose. "A substantial portion of capital spending goes to needed maintenance and improvements of public facilities throughout the state, but does so in a responsible and fiscally conservative manner. The carefully considered investments in this budget fall well within Ohio's constitutional cap on borrowing and reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible fiscal management practices. This budget is a continuation of the same thoughtful management practices which resulted in Ohio earning an upgrade in our bond rating; essentially the state's 'credit score' just a few years ago."

Statewide Highlights of the Capital Budget:

Supporting Our Schools
$650 million will be invested in local school construction, including repairs, renovations and maintenance for primary and secondary facilities.
More than $428 million for Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities, while nearly $56 million more will support projects that benefit Ohio's statewide university system.

Supporting Our Infrastructure
A substantial portion of capital spending goes to local roads, bridges, water-supply systems, storm sewers and wastewater systems. $500 million will go to local infrastructure projects through the Public Works Commission, including up to $100 million to support the Clean Ohio program which funds preservation of green space, farmland, open spaces and expanded recreational opportunities.
This bill also includes $275 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife.

Supporting Ohioans in Need
With nearly $100 million in funding, the state placed a strong emphasis on investing in critical health and human services funding for youth services, developmental disabilities, mental health, addiction treatment and women’s health initiatives.

Supporting Our Communities
Economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance boost growth and opportunities in our communities.
Highlights of Capital Budget projects within the 27th Senate District and region can be found below:


Summit County

Main Street Redevelopment Bits & Atoms Incubator/ Polsky project - $1.25 Million
The University of Akron will receive state capital funding for a public-private partnership to increase the business presence in Downtown Akron. The project involves the allocation of 60,000 square feet of the Polsky Building to be used for a community based project referred to as “Bits and Atoms” to incubate and develop new businesses within Akron.

Blossom Music Hall Renovation - $750,000
The Musical Arts Association will receive state assistance to renovate the Blossom Music Center in Summit County. Funding will be provided to help make repairs to the Music Center’s stage cloud and renovations to make the facility more ADA accessible.

The Akron Battered Women’s Shelter - $750,000
The Akron Battered Women’s Shelter provides prevention services and emergency housing for domestic violence victims throughout Summit and Medina counties. Capital funds will help supplement the construction costs of a comprehensive residential facility, now entering its final phase of completion.

Gorge Dam Removal Downstream Impact Study - $750,000
The City of Akron and Summit Metro Parks have been granted funding to support the removal of the Gorge Dam. The state will provide $750,000 which will also go towards environmental impact studies of the surrounding area.

Akron General Hospital- Sexual Assault Evidence Project - $500,000
Akron General Hospital will receive funding to construct a facility for sexual assault evidence collection. The funds are needed to construct secure storage units for evidence collection kits and establish adequate patient care spaces.

Akron Center / Stark State College - $500,000
Stark State College will receive state capital funding to begin the development of an 86,000 square foot facility in the Akron area. The facility will be used as an education and workforce training center.

Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron - $400,000
The Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron will receive assistance to expand its Behavioral Health Care section with the construction of two new hospital units. The units will include features to promote patient safety and will include additional hospital beds.

Akron Art Museum Bud and Susie Rogers Garden - $400,000
The Akron Art Museum has been granted funding to finance the creation of a one-acre open garden space at the Bud and Susie Rogers Garden. State funding would go primarily towards construction costs associated with the garden.

Demolition and Replacement of Nimisila Spillway at Camp Y-Noah - $400,000
The Akron Area YMCA, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, will be receiving funding to complete the demolition and replacement of the Nimisila Auxiliary Spillway at Camp Y-Noah. State funds will supplement the construction of a new concrete spillway and additional infrastructure work.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Manor House Restoration - $250,000
Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens will receive state capital funding to support ongoing environmental studies and restoration of its Manor House and Lagoon.

Summit County Historical Society Restoration of John Brown House - $250,000
Summit County Historical Society will receive state capital funding to restore the John Brown House and preserve the Simon Perkins Stone Mansion. These two landmarks require assistance for exterior and interior restoration efforts that will extend the life of an important part of Ohio history.

City of Akron, Cascade Plaza - $250,000
The City of Akron will receive capital funding to complete phase two of its Cascade Plaza aesthetic and structural renovation. The state money will assist in the redevelopment in and around the Cascade parking deck which is part of the gateway into downtown from the towpath trail.

Law Enforcement Training Center and Indoor Firing Range - $200,000
The City of Cuyahoga Falls will receive capital funding to assist in the construction of a new Law Enforcement Training Center and Indoor Firing Range. Capital funds will be used to conduct portions of the design phase, as well as, the physical construction of the facility.

Hale Farm and Village Capital Gatehouse Improvement Project - $100,000
The Western Reserve Historical Society will receive state funding to assist in renovations and improvements to Hale Farm and Village. The project seeks to expand the gatehouse visitor’s center, as well as, infrastructure upgrades, additional parking, and to establish an educational space.

Stark County

Massillon Museum Expansion - $1.5 million
Having operated for 82 years and now bursting at the seams with visitors because of their dedication to keeping the museum fresh, exciting and cutting edge, Stark County’s community leader in safeguarding our shared cultural heritage will receive funds for a much needed expansion.

Magnolia Flouring Mill - Stark County Parks - $1 million
Stark County Parks will receive state capital funds to support upgrades to the historic Magnolia Flouring Mill. Improvements to the mill include critical structural repairs and exterior ADA accessibility.

City of Massillon- McKinley Hall Renovation Project - $75,000
Capital funds will be granted to the City of Massillon in support of the McKinley Hall Renovation Project. Funding will be used to renovate and restore this building to be used as drug addiction facility.

Wayne County

Wayne Countywide MARCS system conversion - $600,000
State capital funding has been granted to the Wayne County Board of County Commissioners to implement a new communication system and construct three communication towers based on the statewide MARCS platform. The communication system will greatly improve the ability of local emergency services to communicate within the county, as well as, coordinate with other state and local agencies.

Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center - $400,000
The Friends of Wayne County Fair will receive state capital funding to help construct the Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center, a centerpiece for agri-tourism in the region, showcasing the development of agriculture in northeast Ohio. State funds will be used to aid in the construction of the facility.

Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club - $250,000
The Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club will receive state capital funding to support a renovation project that will increase the efficient use of the Club’s facility. Funding for the project includes a reconfiguration of the facility’s layout and expansion for educational space.

Kister Water Mill - Western Reserve Land Conservancy - $200,000
The Western Reserve Land Conservancy is collaborating with the Wayne County Park District to preserve the historic Kister Water Mill, a cider, lumber and gristmill listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Funds will be used to renovate the wooden water wheel and will allow for the mill to be converted to a tourist attraction and education center, highlighting this centuries old renewable energy technology in the process.

Wayne Center for the Arts - $150,000
The state has granted the Wayne Center for Arts capital funding to assist in maintenance and repairs to their main facility. Capital funds will go towards repairing structural elements and the building’s boiler system.

Smithville Community Historical Society Restoration - $50,000
The Smithville Community Historical Society will be granted capital funding that will support the restoration of multiple historic buildings. Included in the project is the dismantling and restoration of an 1830 log home, in addition to the historically accurate recreation of 18th and 19th century Native American Block Houses.

Cuyahoga County

Lakefront Pedestrian Bridge - $3.5 Million

The Group Plan Commission (GPC), a non-profit organization overseeing the transformation of Downtown Cleveland’s signature public spaces, is partnering with the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to create the Lakefront Pedestrian Bridge. Funding will be used to construct a much-needed iconic pedestrian and bicycle connector spanning rail and highway barriers that have long prevented people from moving easily between Downtown and the Lake Erie waterfront.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History - $3.3 Million
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History will receive capital budget funding for the
second phase of its major renovation efforts to dramatically transform its facilities. State funding will assist the museum in its ongoing project with the construction of nine new major exhibits, climate controlled spaces for museum items, and new state of the art guest accommodations.

Cleveland Museum of Art West Campus Improvement Project - $1.1 Million
The Cleveland Museum of Art will receive state funding for the demolition and removal of an existing maintenance facility. State funds would then be allocated for the construction of a new maintenance facility for the museum.

Case Western Reserve University Health Education Campus - $1 Million
The Cleveland Clinic, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University, will receive state funding to initiate investments in technology for the Health Education Campus. State funds will support these investments and help fulfill the needs of the campus.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - $1 Million
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been granted capital funding to support the transformation of its signature Hall of Fame exhibit and theater. Construction includes the creation of new exhibit spaces to engage, educate and entertain the public.

Bridge to Wendy Park - $1 Million
Trust for Public Land, in partnership with LAND Studio, will receive state funding to construct a bridge into Wendy Park. The bridge will link Downtown, Ohio City, Tremont, and the Flats to Lake Erie, to one another and to growing commercial and entertainment attractions.

Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau - $550,000
State funding will be granted to Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau to support their efforts in establishing a youth psychiatric hospital unit. The unit will be located on the Bureau’s University Heights Campus.

Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland Harbor Light Complex - $350,000
The Salvation Army will receive state funding to build three new facilities and renovate one facility. The new multipurpose buildings will enable optimal use of the program space to provide emergency assistance for food, clothing, utilities, case management, educational programing, music, arts and recreation.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Passport to the Wild: Phase One - $200,000
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will receive capital funding to establish a new STEM Launch Center. The project includes classroom space that would serve 100,000 students, build a school bus entrance, and allow for the relocation of several animal species.

These investments will help improve the lives of Ohioans and support communities across the state.

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