COLUMBUS — Senator Frank LaRose today announced that Senate Bill 25 has been approved by a bipartisan vote of the Ohio Senate. This legislation, which he co-sponsored with Senator Bob Peterson (R- Sabina), would create the SharedWork Ohio Program.

A shared work program provides employers and workers with an alternative to layoffs in which both sides agree to a reduction in the number of hours each employee works. Workers continue to receive their normal rate of pay for the hours they do work, and collect pro-rated unemployment compensation for the hours they no longer work. In addition, workers are able to keep health and retirement benefits on which working families rely. A shared work proposal must be approved by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and employers can choose not to participate and instead utilize traditional layoffs.

“This bill provides employers with a more compassionate alternative to layoffs – enabling them to retain highly-skilled and trained workers rather than losing them to a different employer,” LaRose said. “As we continue our efforts to make Ohio a more business-friendly state, programs like SharedWork Ohio will play an important role in attracting employers, while ensuring fair treatment for hard-working Ohioans.”

Similar programs have already been enacted in 25 other states. Senate Bill 25 now moves to the Ohio House of Representatives for further consideration.

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