LaRose Touts Law Change Benefitting Ohio's Energy And Transportation Industries
Worked with Akron-area company to remove unintended government impediment preventing adoption of compressed natural gas vehicles
July 02, 2013
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COLUMBUS — Senator Frank LaRose applauded the benefits of a new law regarding vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). LaRose worked earlier this year to include an amendment in the state transportation budget that allows CNG vehicles to exceed gross vehicle weight limits on Ohio roads with certain exceptions.

“As Ohio continues to develop and explore its natural gas resources, we have the potential to both grow this industry and encourage the adoption of a clean, safe and domestically-produced fuel,” LaRose said. “This change in Ohio law will enable companies considering CNG for their fleets to do so without worrying that their ability to transport goods and cargo will be diminished.”

The idea for the amendment was brought to Senator LaRose’s attention by a Stow-based company that developed and is building a storage unit that delivers CNG to the engine compartment. Used in heavy trucks and equipment, these engines are more energy-efficient and cost-effective; however, companies installing them on their vehicle would not be able to haul as much cargo due to the additional weight. The amendment sponsored by Senator LaRose allows CNG vehicles to exceed vehicle weight limits by 2,000 pounds, which is roughly the weight difference between CNG and traditional trucks.

“This law change, along with the advancements in compressed natural gas technology, is a game changer for the trucking industry in Ohio, as well as other fields,” said Gary Gibb, President of Trilogy. “I appreciate Senator LaRose’s willingness to work with us on this issue, which is making Ohio a national leader in this area.”

The new provision went into effect on July 1.

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