Senator Peggy Lehner - Senate District 6

03.15.18 - PHOTO: Lehner Honored As Capital Caregiver 2017


COLUMBUS - State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) today received the Capital Caregiver 2017 award from AARP, a leading advocate for aging Ohioans. Lehner received the award as a result of her work on Senate Bill 314 (131st GA), also known as the Ohio Caregiving Act.


03.02.18 - Chairwoman Lehner Concludes Hearings On Alianna Alert, Unanimously Passes Out Of Education Committee


COLUMBUS - State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee, this week announced the committee passage of Substitute Senate Bill 82, which requires each public school to place a telephone call within 120 minutes of the start of the school day to a parent whose child is absent without legitimate excuse.


02.27.18 - Lehner Announces Capital Bill To Invest $2.62 Billion In Local Communities, Highlights Montgomery County


COLUMBUS—State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) announced the introduction of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects. 


02.13.18 - Lehner Announces Opportunity For Young Professionals Interested In State Government


"Legislative fellows are given a unique opportunity to work side by side with legislators, policy stakeholders and other influential state leaders," said Lehner. "This is an invaluable experience, and for many fellows it opens the door to a lifelong career in public service."


02.01.18 - Lehner Leads Day Of Discussion On Education And Career Readiness, Highlights Priorities


"Ohio's competitiveness is inextricably linked to increasing the number of Ohioans with a college degree or credential," said Lehner. 


01.26.18 - ADVISORY: Lehner To Highlight Importance Of Connecting The Dots From "Cradle-to-Career"


State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) will hold a press conference on Wednesday, January 31 at 1:00 p.m.—as part of a day-long forum focused on education and career readiness—to discuss highlights of the "data walk" held in the Ohio Statehouse Atrium at 11:30 a.m. 


12.21.17 - Lehner Introduces SAFE Act, Keeping Kids In The Classroom


“Schools want to cut down the number of suspensions and expulsions,” said Senator Lehner. 


12.19.17 - Lehner Introduces Legislation To Update The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System


“We should always be trying to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in our public school system, and this bill gives us an opportunity to do that,” said Senator Lehner.


11.13.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Lehner To Announce Proposal Aimed At Keeping Children In The Classroom, Ending Cycles Of Poverty


COLUMBUS - State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) will join lawmakers and education leaders on Tuesday to announce reforms aimed at addressing cycles of poverty by helping keep students with disciplinary concerns on the path to diploma attainment. 


11.02.17 - Lehner Highlights Need For Student Discipline Reforms During Keynote Address


"Educators in this state are under an unbelievable amount of pressure, much of which has nothing to do with their primary role in preparing our next generation of Ohioans for success in the 21st Century economy," said Lehner.


09.26.17 - Lehner Honored For Support Of Court Program Assisting Abused And Neglected Children


"I am deeply honored to be recognized by Ohio CASA," said Lehner. 


06.22.17 - Lehner Announces Senate Budget That Closes Fiscal Shortfall And Protects Essential Services


“This was a very challenging budget but I feel overall that the neediest in our state have been protected and I hope that the conference committee will continue building on the work that has been done," said Lehner, who serves as a member of the Senate Finance Committee that is charged with balancing the state's two-year budget. "I am especially proud of what we were able to achieve in supporting children in drug-affected families."


05.18.17 - Lehner Honors Oakwood High School National Academic Decathlon Champions


"It is an honor to recognize such an intelligent and gifted group of students," said Lehner. "I commend their hard work and dedication in academics and I look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in the coming years." 


05.16.17 - Lehner And Thomas Announce Legislation Aimed At Enhancing Dental Care In Ohio


"Access to dentists in low-income areas in Ohio is a serious health problem," said Lehner. "Low income adults are most likely to report having problems due to the condition of their mouth and teeth."


04.21.17 - Lehner Joins National Experts To Present On Features Of World's Top-Performing Education Systems


"Serving on the NCSL Education Study Group has afforded me the opportunity to explore an array of best practices contributing to the world's top-performing education systems," said Lehner. "We still have much to learn, but I look forward to working with our partners and state lawmakers to implement some of these strategies aimed at maximizing educational outcomes here in Ohio."


02.07.17 - Lehner Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program


"Legislative fellows are given a unique opportunity to work side by side with legislators, policy stakeholders and other influential state leaders," said Lehner. "This is an invaluable experience and for many fellows it opens the door to a lifelong career in public service."


02.07.17 - Lehner To Announce Legislation Reducing Barriers For Patients And Doctors


State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) will join leaders on Wednesday to introduce legislation aimed at reducing barriers for patients seeking the appropriate medications prescribed by their doctors for conditions, such as diabetes. 


01.31.17 - Senator Lehner Appointed To Fourth Term As Senate Education Chair


“I am honored to be reappointed as Senate Education Chair,” said Lehner. “I look forward to continuing to work with Ohio’s many fine teachers and education leaders across the state, along with my colleagues in the Senate, to ensure all students—from preschool to college graduates—have access to the highest quality school system in the nation.”


09.16.16 - Jones And Lehner Named To Dayton Region's List Of 50 Most Influential Women


"Receiving this award is truly an honor," said Senator Lehner. "We have made great strides to ensure that Ohio's children receive quality educational opportunities and we will continue to hold schools accountable for meeting the high standards that our students and families deserve."


07.28.16 - Families To Save Once Again During Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday: August 5-7th


As a grandmother to a number of school-age children, I know firsthand that this opportunity will go a long way for families who deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. I encourage parents and educators to take advantage of this unique opportunity from August 5 to August 7, 2016. This temporary relief from the sales taxes is meant to ease the burden for families and ensure that students have the items necessary to succeed in the classroom.


07.07.16 - Lehner Joins National Leaders To Discuss Equity In Education During Aspen Institute Workshop


"The Aspen Institute has provided an incredible forum to collaborate with education minds from across the country in an effort to provide the highest quality education to all children," said Lehner. "The innovative ideas that stem from such important collaboration will benefit students and help toward ensuring education equity in our state."


05.26.16 - Lehner Announces Passage Of Bills Supporting Ohio Children, Increasing Access To Summer Meals


"These agencies provide pivotal services that our communities depend on and I'm proud that funds from the OACCA license plate will go to benefit their mission," said Lehner. "Locally, agencies such as Agape for Youth, CHOICES, Inc., South Community, and Eastway will be able to use this investment to reach the children and families who need it most."


05.03.16 - Lehner Receives National Honor For Commitment To Charter School Success


"We've made great strides to ensure that Ohio's children are provided the highest quality educational opportunities and I am proud of our work in Ohio to strengthen and improve Ohio's charter public schools," said Lehner. "The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is committed to charter school excellence and I thank them for this great honor."


03.08.16 - Lehner Introduces Legislation To Protect Volunteer Health Care Professionals


"This is an opportunity to empower health care professionals in Ohio to help those who need care most desperately," said Lehner. "The state of Ohio would save millions by allowing our health care professionals to volunteer their services without fear of civil liability, benefiting both patients and Ohio taxpayers."


03.04.16 - Job Creators Continue To Expand Opportunities For Ohioans


"Ohio has made significant progress in improving its business climate by cutting taxes, reducing barriers for growth and making common sense regulatory reforms," said Lehner. "Job creators are once again finding stability in Ohio."


02.25.16 - Understanding Our Children's Progress In The Classroom


Today the Ohio Department of Education released the 2014-2015 state report card. It may look as if some disaster has fallen on your school. Schools that are used to seeing As and Bs may for the first time see Cs, Ds and even an occasional F. Please do not panic as several factors have resulted in this situation for some school districts. Student performance has not taken a nosedive nor are our teachers failing to educate their young students.


02.23.16 - Lehner Joins Coalition To Announce Legislation To Ensure Reasonable Accommodations For Ohio's Pregnant Workers


“This is about making a reasonable effort to ensure that no woman should ever have to choose between her job and her family," said Lehner. "It's important that we recognize this unique circumstance while simultaneously supporting their careers, families and employers."


02.11.16 - Lehner Provides Recommendations On Education To Constitutional Modernization Commission


"In the 21st century, education is the backbone of our economy," said Lehner. "From pre-school to graduate school we need clear policies, aligned to a changing workforce and technologies that are appropriately funded if we are to indeed compete with our international peers."


02.09.16 - Senator Lehner Applauds ODE's Response To Community Concerns Around Ohio School Report Cards


"I would like to commend the Department of Education for responding to public concerns over the information that will be provided on the 2014-15 Report Card," said Lehner. "It is my hope that these changes adequately reflect the performance of our schools."


02.05.16 - Lehner Explores Innovative Solutions During Visit To Southwest Ohio Charter School


"Taking the time to experience firsthand the innovative models that schools across the state are using to produce successful outcomes is crucial to meaningful education policymaking," said Lehner. "It was fascinating to speak with students to better understand what is working, and not working, so that our children are receiving the highest quality education possible."


01.27.16 - Lehner Highlights Growing Economic Success Throughout Dayton Region


"Collaboration between our regional economic assets has been key to rejuvenating our workforce and bringing jobs back to the area throughout the past several years,” said Lehner.


01.26.16 - Lehner And Beagle To Attend Dayton Development Coalition Meeting On Economic Growth In Southwest Ohio


State Senators Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering) and Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) will attend the 2016 Dayton Development Coalition Annual Meeting today where leaders from the region will discuss economic development and growth throughout Southwest Ohio.


12.09.15 - Lehner Praises National Education Initiative To Restore Local Control Of Schools


The overwhelming bipartisan support for the rewritten national education legislation now known as the Every Student Succeeds Act is the most significant education reform bill in the past 14 years. While not retreating from higher standards and accountability for our nations schools, it returns considerable control to the state and local districts, rather than investing control in the federal government. The legislation is a welcome change and I look forward to working with these new tools to advance the education of the children of Ohio.


11.24.15 - Lehner Introduces Bill To Increase Children's Access To Summer Meals


“We must do more to address the issue of limited access to food during the summer months for students who receive free and reduced meals throughout the school year," said Lehner. “By increasing access to healthy meals for children in the summer months we are not only reducing food insecurity, but better preparing children to return to school healthy and focused in the fall."


08.06.15 - Lehner Previews Ohio's First Sales Tax Holiday


“Ohio's first-ever Sales Tax Holiday is a helpful tool for easing the financial burden on parents and students heading into the new school year," said Lehner, a cosponsor of the legislation that established the Sales Tax Holiday. 


06.24.15 - Lehner Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Save Lives Of Pain-Capable Unborn Children


"Ohio has gone to great lengths to make sure convicted criminals don't suffer unnecessary pain during executions. It would seem that the very least we can do for a defenseless, innocent baby is to afford them the same right."


06.18.15 - Lehner Touts Significant Investment In Education, $1.75 Billion Tax Cut


"This budget makes a tremendous investment in Ohio," said Lehner. "By cutting taxes for families and small businesses and increasing funding for our K-12 schools by nearly $1 billion, we are sending a message that Ohio is a state of unlimited opportunity and potential."



06.18.15 - Lehner Recognizes Englewood Student's Advocacy Work For Dayton Children's Hospital


"We are all inspired by Ethan's remarkable story of survival," said Lehner. "This young man has overcome a tremendous obstacle and used his experience to raise awareness about the threat of viral myositis."


06.09.15 - Lehner Announces State Funding To Make Ohio Manufacturing More Competitive


"The University of Dayton and its affiliates are at the center of the effort to drive innovation and growth in Ohio's manufacturing industry," said Lehner. "This funding will further equip FastLane to provide the services Ohio manufacturers need to create jobs and grow our local economy." 


04.30.15 - Senate Advisory Committee On Testing Recommends Improvements To State Tests


“This group could not have worked harder or more cooperatively," said Lehner. "They came together from all over the state with very diverse opinions about how Ohio should proceed with testing and basically ended up providing us with near unanimous recommendations."


04.15.15 - Lehner Challenges Charter School Status Quo


"The bottom line is that Ohio taxpayers are not getting the results they expect from many charter schools," said Lehner. "This legislation reflects the input of education leaders from around the state who have worked for nearly a year to recommend policy changes that will move Ohio charter schools in a better direction." 


03.25.15 - Lehner Announces Launch Of Website For Senate Advisory Committee On Testing


“I am happy to say the new website will include a section to facilitate public comment on state testing,” said Lehner. “I hope it will be a venue for educators, parents, and interested citizens to provide constructive feedback on how the state should move forward with testing. We have already heard from hundreds of educators and parents about the problems they encountered. At this point we are hoping to hear some creative solutions."


03.04.15 - Lehner Announces Formation And Members Of Senate Advisory Committee On Testing


State Senator and Senate Education Chair Peggy Lehner today announced the creation of a Senate Advisory Committee on Testing. The committee will be made up of various educational experts from across the state and will make recommendations to the Senate on state required assessments.


02.03.15 - Lehner, Jones Sponsor Bill To Support Maternal Home Visiting Services


State Senators Peggy Lehner and Shannon Jones today introduced Senate Bill 9, which will establish a high quality database for tracking home visiting services aimed at reducing infant mortality and negative birth outcomes. The legislation will provide evidence-based services that reduce negative birth outcomes for pregnant women, new mothers, and women who may become pregnant that are Medicaid enrollees.


01.23.15 - Lehner Named To Third Term As Chair Of The Senate Education Committee


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber today reappointed Senator Peggy Lehner to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Education.


11.19.14 - Senate Education Chair Praises Success Of Third Grade Reading Guarantee


Senator Peggy Lehner today announced nearly 96 percent of third grade students from the 2013-2014 school year passed the new state standards implemented by Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  These results reflect the scores earned by third graders following the summer administration of the O.A.A. exam.


10.20.14 - Lehner Announces Funding For Public Roadwork Improvements In Moraine


State Senator Peggy Lehner today announced the Ohio Controlling Board’s approval of $960,000 for public roadwork improvements in support of the Fuyao Glass America, Inc. plant in Moraine. 


08.26.14 - Lehner , Beagle Introduce Legislation Aimed At Keeping Renters Safe


The bill requires a separate means of egress for all dwelling areas above the second story of a residential rental property.


06.17.14 - Governor Signs Lehner Initiative To Improve Ohio Foster Care System


Governor John Kasich today signed a measure into law that will improve Ohio’s foster care system.


03.18.14 - Lehner Announces Introduction Of Capital Budget


Senator Peggy Lehner today announced the introduction of Ohio’s 2014 Capital Budget, which provides local investment dollars to support individual communities’ construction priorities. The bill funds needed improvements to public facilities across the state including schools, colleges and universities, and parks.


01.10.14 - Lehner Praises 800 New Jobs Coming To Montgomery County


COLUMBUS–Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) today praised the announcement of 800 new, Ohio jobs being created in Montgomery County. The company, Fuyao North America Glass Company, will invest more than $200 million into the project.


01.09.14 - Senator Lehner Announces Statewide Effort To Combat Human Trafficking


Senator Peggy Lehner today announced a statewide effort to combat human trafficking in Ohio.


12.04.13 - Senate Passes Lehner Initiative To Improve Foster Care Law


COLUMBUS–Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) announced the Ohio Senate today passed legislation that would revise and improve Ohio’s foster care laws.  Senate Bill 152 would make common sense reforms that encourage a more stable foster care environment, and would normalize the experience of youth in foster care.


12.04.13 - Ohio Senate Honors U.S. Professor Of The Year


COLUMBUS–Senators Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering), Shannon Jones (R-Springboro) and Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) today honored Sinclair Community College Professor Bob Chaney, who was awarded in Washington the title of 2013 U.S. Professor of the Year.


06.06.13 - Senate Passes Small Business Tax Cut, Largest Investment In Education In Over A Decade


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today approved House Bill 59, the state’s biennium budget proposal, which includes at its cornerstone a $1.4 billion tax cut for Ohio’s small businesses and a $717 million increase in state education funding, the largest legislative investment in education in more than 10 years. Announced by State Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering), the nearly $62 billion bill acts as the state operating budget for the two-year period beginning on July 1, 2013.


06.04.13 - Governor Signs Lehner Bill To Improve 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee


State Senator Peggy Lehner today announced that her legislation, Senate Bill 21, has been signed into law by Governor John R. Kasich. The bill will make adjustments and improvements to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading


05.08.13 - Correcting The Record On Common Core Education Standards


Few people outside of education circles had ever heard of the Common Core, but that changed recently when a national talk show host started railing against this initiative. From such punditry the phones and mailboxes of state legislators have been lighting up ever since.


05.08.13 - Want To Learn More About Common Core? Find Out Here:


If you are confused by conflicting opinions of Common Core, you are in the right place. Below you will find several links to help you better understand this initiative.


04.08.13 - Springfield News-Sun: State Leaders Look To Reform Foster Care System


Sen. Peggy Lehner is sponsoring legislation to improve Ohio’s foster care system, based on recommendations released Monday from the state attorney general’s office. The Kettering Republican said she’s heard from several foster parents who thought a child was returned prematurely to the birth parents and the changes she’s proposing are a start to reform.


04.02.13 - Medicaid: To Expand Or Not To Expand


As the Ohio legislature considers the Governor’s budget proposal, the issue of Medicaid expansion has drawn a lot of attention. Given the complexity of the issue it is not surprising that there is a lot of confusion over exactly what it all means for the citizens of Ohio.


03.20.13 - Lehner Initiative Modernizes Ohio's Efforts To Pair Jobseekers With Work


Senate Bill 2, jointly sponsored by State Senators Peggy Lehner and Bill Beagle (R–Tipp City), today cleared the Ohio Senate. The bill seeks to modernize Ohio’s efforts to match jobseekers with work.


02.27.13 - Senate Approves 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Modifications


Senate Bill 21, sponsored by State Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering), today passed the Ohio Senate by a vote of 32-0. The legislation is aimed at making adjustments and improvements to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, which was approved during the 129th General Assembly (House Bill 555).


02.26.13 - Senator Lehner Offers Testimony On Workforce Development Improvement Act


State Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) today offered sponsor testimony on her legislation, Senate Bill 2, which partners the 90 different county “One-Stop” locations with the statewide OhioMeansJobs initiative to improve job training and placement programs. Her testimony was given before the Senate Workforce & Economic Development Committee, of which she is a member.

More information on Senate Bill 2 can be found here.


02.06.13 - Education: A Right, Not A Privilege


Like many Ohioans, I listened with great interest as Governor Kasich unveiled his long-anticipated school-funding proposal.  I was pleased to see that the Governor has developed a school-funding proposal that will provide greater opportunities for many of our children without increasing the burden on our local communities.


01.09.13 - Lehner Appointed To Second Term As Senate Education Chair

Statehouse - 

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber today appointed State Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) to serve as Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Education for the 130th General Assembly. Lehner has served as Education Chair since 2011 when she joined the Ohio Senate.


12.11.12 - PHOTO: Lehner Honored By The American Conservative Union

Columbus, Ohio - 

Columbus–State Senator Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) was honored Tuesday by the American Conservative Union (ACU) as an ACU Conservative, the second highest award given by the organization. Senator Lehner received the award during a ceremony this morning in the Ladies Gallery of the Ohio Statehouse.


07.25.12 - White Castle Expansion To Bring New Jobs To Area

Columbus - 
White Castle Distributing, LLC received welcomed news this week as the state Controlling Board approved $12 million in funding for the construction of a new processing plant.  The project is expected to significantly expand White Castle's operations in Southwest Ohio and bring about 100 new jobs to the

06.07.12 - Senators Beagle And Lehner Announce Funding For Aviation Heritage Project

Columbus - 
State Senators Bill Beagle and Peggy Lehner have announced that $3 million in Clean Ohio Revitalization funding has been awarded to the Dayton Aviation Heritage Redevelopment Project.  The project site is located at 2701 Home Avenue in Dayton and was the location of the original Wright Airplane Factory.

05.31.12 - Cracking Down On Ohio's Dangerous Drivers

Guest Column by State Senator Peggy Lehner.

05.24.12 - Northmont's Academic Champs Welcomed By Ohio Senate

Columbus - 
A group of Northmont High School students received high praise from the Ohio Senate on Wednesday. Northmont was recently declared the Academic Challenge State Champions after winning the ONN State Brain Game and the National History Bowl, which is held in Washington, D.C.

03.13.12 - Lehner: Standing Up To Bullying In Our Schools

Guest Column by State Senator Peggy Lehner.

02.14.12 - Beagle And Lehner Honor Trotwood-Madison Football Champs

Columbus - 
State Senators Bill Beagle and Peggy Lehner today hosted the Trotwood-Madison High School Football Team at the Ohio Statehouse.  The Republican lawmakers honored the team with a Senate Resolution before the full legislative chamber.

02.10.12 - Senator Lehner Announces Legislative Fellowship Program In Columbus

Columbus - 
Peggy Lehner recently announced that the Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) is accepting applications for its 2013 Fellowship Program.

02.03.12 - Lehner Announces Enactment Of Anti-bullying Legislation

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner today applauded the enactment of House Bill 116, a measure to curb the growing and dangerous problem of bullying in Ohio's schools.

01.18.12 - Lehner Announces New Funding For Patient-centered Care

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner today took part in announcing that $1 million in Ohio Medicaid funding will be made available for the implementation of Ohio's Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care.

01.09.12 - Lehner Takes On E-Recycling Issue Before Senate Panel

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner today offered sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 253, which would establish a consumer-friendly and efficient method for the recycling and reuse of electronic equipment.

12.12.11 - Senator Lehner: A Focus On Ohio's Children

Guest column by State Senator Peggy Lehner

11.08.11 - Lehner Named 'Outstanding Advocate'

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner (R - Kettering) was honored yesterday by the Easter Seals National Board of Directors with this year's Outstanding Advocate Award for a State Official.  Lehner accepted the award while attending the organization's national convention which was being held in Washington, D.C.

10.04.11 - Senator Lehner: September Brought Job Growth To Southwest Ohio

Columbus - 
Guest column by State Senator Peggy Lehner

09.15.11 - Sen. Lehner Applauds Wright State's New Workforce Expansion Effort

Columbus - 
Wright State University has announced a renewed industry partnership that will create 250 jobs related to Ohio's aerospace and defense workforce. The new investment is a direct result of the $11.4 million rewarded in July to the Wright State Research Institute's Defense Aerospace Graduate Studies Institute.

08.03.11 - Lehner Invited To 'Education Reform Idol' In Washington DC

Columbus - 
Next week, State Senator Peggy Lehner will be in Washington, D.C. serving as one of five representatives from various states participating in the Fordham Institute's "Education Reform Idol" program.

07.21.11 - Senator Lehner: Reforming Ohio: State Budget In Review

Columbus - 
Guest column by State Senator Peggy Lehner

06.20.11 - Senator Lehner: Real Education Reform Comes To Ohio

Guest column from State Senator Peggy Lehner

06.08.11 - Statement From State Senator Peggy Lehner On Passage Of State Budget

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner issued the following statement today regarding the Ohio Senate's passage of House Bill 153, the state's operating budget. "For the past several months, legislators have concentrated on finding ways to close Ohio's $8.5 billion budget while also providing Ohioans with greater control over the money they earn. Without the implementation of a single tax increase, the Ohio Senate has passed a biennium bill that effectively closes the budget shortfall, reduces current spending practices, and places children and families first."

04.06.11 - Lehner Announces "Ohio Viable Infants Protection Act" Approved By Senate

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner announced today that the Ohio Senate voted to approve Senate Bill 72, legislation that would prohibit abortions once the viability of the child has been confirmed.

01.28.11 - Senator Lehner To Chair Senate Education Committee

Columbus - 
State Senator Peggy Lehner today announced she has been named chair of the Senate Education Committee for the 129th General Assembly. As chair of the Education Committee, Lehner will examine Governor Kasich's education plan as well as other policies and proposals affecting primary, secondary and higher education. She was also appointed to several other Senate committees, including the powerful Finance Committee and the State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee.

01.11.11 - Peggy Lehner Appointed To The 6th Ohio Senate District

Columbus - 
The Ohio Senate today appointed Peggy Lehner as state senator for the 6th Ohio Senate District, which encompasses portions of Montgomery County. She replaces former Senator Jon Husted, who recently assumed the office of Ohio Secretary of State.