Ohio Senate Welcomes Lorain Pastor Angel Arroyo
Article from the Lorain Morning Journal
December 05, 2013
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COLUMBUS — Ohio lawmakers must continue to fight for children who have gone missing because of kidnapping and human trafficking, said a Lorain minister who spoke in the Ohio Senate.
Pastor Angel Arroyo has traveled around the United States as part of his mission and on Wednesday, he added a trip to the Ohio Senate to his destination list.
Along with the opening prayer, Arroyo requested the legislators keep in mind victims who go missing by people who exploit them.
Arroyo was the guest of state Sen. Gayle Manning, who introduced him to her fellow senators and later asked for a personal privilege to invite him to speak on the Senate floor.
At the end of the first part of the afternoon’s deliberations, Arroyo spoke briefly about missing children and human trafficking.
It’s an issue he has fought for nine years alongside the family of Gina DeJesus, one of the three women held captive for a decade with Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight in Cleveland by Ariel Castro.
“Just because there’s a victory with this case, we have hundreds of cases where families are still questioned,” Arroyo said, referring to DeJesus’ case.
He also described a Lorain youth who went missing recently but did not fit criteria for an Amber Alert and he called for the Senators to consider ways to change how the Amber Alert is used.
“So, please continue to fight for the missing,” he said. “Please continue to fight for those that are found, and please find ways to fix the holes in some of the programs and some of the laws that we have going.”
In his invocation, Arroyo asked God for guidance for the legislators.
Manning also thanked him for his service to Lorain, the greater Cleveland area and the nation.
“Pastor Arroyo’s work highlights the obligation that we have as members of our state, cities and local communities to be good stewards of our neighbors and the people around us,” she said.
Arroyo studied pastoral ministries at Zion Bible College of Providence, R.I., where he was ordained as a pastor. He works for the Cleveland Chapter of the Guardian Angels, part of the Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance striving to stop gang violence through outreach, job placement and mentoring.
Arroyo also has worked with .COM Ministries, which focuses on gang violence intervention efforts.
A little more than a year ago, Arroyo launched a campaign to collect donations for people on the East Coast suffering power outages and food shortages because of Superstorm Sandy. He drove a donated U-Haul truck to give out the food, water and supplies.
A link to the first part of the Ohio Senate session is available here:

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