GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE – Today, the Ohio Propane Gas Association (OPGA) presented State Senator Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) with an award during their 69th annual summer convention in Geneva-on-the-Lake. The group recognized Senator O’Brien as their 2017 “Legislator of the Year” for his commitment to advancing the development and use of propane and other alternative fuels in Ohio.

“I was thrilled to be recognized by the OPGA today as their ‘Legislator of the Year,’ but much more still needs to be done here in Ohio to develop and improve the alternative fuels industry,” said Senator O’Brien. “Fuels like propane, compressed natural gas, and liquefied natural gas are abundant, cheap, and clean-burning, but still aren’t being as widely utilized as they could and should be.” 

For his part, Senator O’Brien has introduced legislation in the past two General Assemblies (GAs), respectively entitled House Bills (HB) 336 and 176. These bills aimed to provide incentives to individuals and public fleets to convert their vehicles to run on alternative fuels.  Despite receiving widespread bipartisan support throughout the legislature, both of those bills failed to complete the legislative process before the end of the GA.

“Although we weren’t able to get HB 336 or HB 176 all the way to the governor’s desk the past few years, the support they received throughout the Statehouse was very encouraging. I continue to see a bright future for propane and other alternative fuels in Ohio and elsewhere around the country,” continued Senator O’Brien. “Coal and oil cause tremendous pollution and won’t be around forever.  Clean burning alternative fuels are the future of the Buckeye State.”

Most recently, Senator O’Brien supported an amendment to this GA’s biennial budget bill that facilitates the conversion of school bus fleets to run on clean fuel. He is currently working on refining the latest version of his alternative fuel incentives bill for introduction at some point in the near future.

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