NASHVILLE – Today, State Senator Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) discussed infrastructure and the importance of the prevailing wage at the 19th annual National Alliance for Fair Contracting (NAFC) Conference in Nashville, TN.

“We must make sure that the men and women who build and maintain our infrastructure are compensated fairly and adequately for the important work they do,” Senator O’Brien said on a panel with other legislative representatives from around the country. “At a time when we see crumbling bridges and roads filled with potholes across Ohio, it is vital to have discussions about how to effectively address infrastructure problems while, at the same time, protecting the rights of our workers.”

The NAFC, the organizer of the two-day conference, is a labor-management organization composed of contractors, labor organizations and compliance groups committed to leveling the playing field in public construction. Their annual conference provides a national forum for like-minded groups and draws attendance from contractors, labor unions, fair contracting organizations and attorneys, as well as federal, state, and local government officials from across the country. 

“The NAFC is on the front line of the fight for strong prevailing wage laws, and I’m happy to have their support as I work on behalf of workers in the construction industry back home in Ohio,” said Senator O’Brien. “Research has consistently shown that protecting our workers’ right to earn the prevailing wage and enjoy benefits such as adequate healthcare leads to higher job satisfaction, which in turn leads to construction projects of better quality that are delivered on time. Defending workers’ rights also has little effect on the amount taxpayers pay for infrastructure projects throughout the state. For these reasons, the protection of workers’ rights in Ohio is essential.”

Senator O’Brien is currently working on legislation that would track more closely so-called Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMAs) to ensure that roads and highways used by construction vehicles are maintained and repaired during and after the completion of an infrastructure project. He also continues to work closely with his colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus and in northeastern Ohio to ensure that the rights of Ohio’s workers, including their right to the prevailing wage, continue to be protected and expanded.

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