COLUMBUS – Today, State Senator Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) announced the release of funds by the state Controlling Board to be used for upgrades to a prison alert system at the Trumbull Correctional Institution (TCI) in his district.  Capital appropriations in the amount of $16,580.84 will be released to upgrade the Man-Down Alert System at the correctional institution and ‘tie-in’ alarm sensors to 18 additional doors in highly sensitive areas of the Leavittsburg facility.

“I’m happy to hear of the alert system improvement project at TCI in my district,” said Senator O’Brien. “With over 1,500 inmates serving time at that facility, it is imperative that we do all we can to keep everyone who works and resides in the area as safe as possible.” 

Installed at TCI as a pilot project prior to its installation at other Ohio institutions, the Man-Down Alert System upgrade will include the installation of new door sensors, key card reading devices, and servers. It will allow prison officials to better pinpoint the exact location where assistance is needed in the event of an emergency. This project is made possible by state funds.

“Technological upgrades such as these will greatly improve this facility which is so important to the justice system in northeastern Ohio,” continued O’Brien.  “I hope the day comes when we no longer need prisons in our state, but, until then, we should continue working to make our correctional institutions as safe and efficient as possible.”

In addition to the door upgrades, the system upgrade will allow prison officials to track designated assets, monitor officer rounds, control the temperature in various parts of the building, provide outdoor monitoring, and provide real-time recording of events as they happen.

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