COLUMBUS - State Sen. Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta) announced today the release of standing committee assignments for all members of the Ohio Senate.  

Senator Sean J. O’Brien is set to serve as the Ranking minority ember on the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, a position he also held on that committee in the House of Representatives last General Assembly. He will play an integral role in determining the direction of legislation assigned to that committee. The senator will also serve as the ranking member on the Senate Agriculture Committee. In addition, he has been assigned to the Judiciary, Public Utilities, and Transportation, Commerce, and Workforce Committees, though not in a ranking member position. 

“I was glad to receive my committee assignments this morning,” said Sen. O’Brien.  “Now we can begin the process of looking at the bills coming through my committees and working to ensure that the versions sent to the Senate floor are as beneficial as possible to my constituents and all Ohioans.”

These assignments, valid for the next two years during the 132nd General Assembly (GA), correspond roughly to each member’s legislative interests and give each member an additional chance during the initial deliberative phase of lawmaking to debate and alter bills that conform to the various committee subject areas.

“My committee assignments for this GA line up very well with my legislative priorities,” continued Senator O’Brien.  “Using knowledge I have gained about these fields throughout my lifetime and during my last three terms in the legislature, I am excited to play a positive and constructive role in the bills that will go through them.” 

In addition to Senator O’Brien’s five standing committee assignments, he has also been tapped to serve as the Vice Chair on the Senate General Government Finance Subcommittee.  Although not a standing committee, which meet more often throughout the duration of the GA, Sen. O’Brien’s role on the subcommittee will nevertheless mean a big role for him on financial issues related to 2018-19 budget process, a role the senator is eager to undertake.

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