Manufacturing Month: Ohio Is Leading The Way
A Guest Column by State Senator Scott Oelslager
November 04, 2014
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This October, we celebrate Manufacturing Month.  Ohio has a vast history of manufacturing that still flourishes today.  My colleagues and I in the Ohio General Assembly have implemented tax cuts and created a budget surplus that has made Ohio more attractive for businesses.  Today, Ohio is more jobs-friendly than ever before.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio is the top job creator in the Midwest with more than 245,000 jobs created since January 2011.  Ohio is one of five states in which unemployment levels have fallen below where they were when the recession began.  In 2013, Ohio set a state record of 89,735 businesses created, and we are on track to beat that record this year with 56,176 new businesses already created so far in our state in 2014.
These positive statistics have resulted from some of the largest tax cuts in the nation.  By reducing personal income taxes by 10 percent, the Ohio General Assembly has cut Ohioans’ taxes more than $3 billion.  To build on the 50 percent small business tax deduction enacted last year, I co-sponsored and shepherded House Bill 483 (R-Amstutz) through the Senate process as Senate Finance Chairman.  This bill increased the small business tax deduction temporarily to 75 percent for tax year 2014, which could result in saving taxpayers over $225 million.  These tax cuts have expanded Ohio’s economy by enabling job creators to further invest in growing their businesses and as a result, creating jobs.
In northeast Ohio, approximately 102,150 individuals are employed in general manufacturing and there are more than 2,400 annual openings.  The 36 manufacturers in the region estimate more than 1,351 manufacturing and/or production jobs will be created in the future.  This data and job opportunities may be found at  Ohio Means Jobs partners with the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) to offer assistance for job creation and retention for companies looking to relocate or expand.  ODSA offers other programs that help support Ohio manufacturers with low-cost business and technical assistance.  To find more information regarding these services, please visit ODSA’s website,
While Ohio has become a leader in job creation and business growth, we know there is more that can be done to help Ohioans achieve the success they deserve.  In the upcoming months, we look to continue our focus on streamlining and reforming the tax process to help businesses, employees, families and communities thrive.

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