Oelslager Announces Introduction Of Capital Budget
Capital Budget Advances Local Projects, Invests in Job Creation

Senator Scott Oelslager (R–North Canton) today announced the introduction of Ohio’s 2014 Capital Budget, which provides local investment dollars to support individual communities’ construction priorities. The bill funds needed improvements to public facilities across the state including schools, colleges and universities, and parks.
Oelslager, who serves as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, will oversee the hearings in the Ohio Senate.
The legislature generally approves a capital budget every two years in order to fund pressing construction and maintenance projects around the state. The plan also serves as an important mechanism in creating Ohio jobs and moving the state’s economy forward.
“Projects included in the State Capital Budget will stimulate economic growth, improve our quality of life, and become a source of pride for Ohio’s local communities.  With limited dollars available for new projects, I am very pleased that the Pro-Football Hall of Fame in Stark County made the Governor’s list and may be able to benefit from capital funding, ” Senator Oelslager commented. 

The Hall and the festival attract thousands of people into our county every year, impacting the economy of the state and our locality.
Once fully enacted, Ohio’s proposed new public construction budget will create approximately 31,000 new jobs over the next several years from the $2.386 billion it injects into needed repairs, maintenance and construction of publicly owned buildings and other infrastructure at the state and local level.
“These community projects will play a major role in revitalizing Ohio’s economic base.”  Senator Oelslager noted. “I am hopeful the economy will provide future opportunities for other community projects that were not funded in this budget cycle.”  All of the projects are excellent examples of how private donors, local governments and the state can come together for the betterment of a community,” Senator Oelslager said.
The capital budget includes:

  • $675 million for local school construction, including repairs, renovations and new primary and secondary education facilities;
  • $454.5 million for Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities;
  • $369 million for local infrastructure projects administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission, including upgrades, replacement and new construction of local roads and bridges, storm and sanitary sewers, water lines and other vital infrastructure;
  • $100 million for the Clean Ohio program to improve outdoor recreational opportunities and fund the preservation of open spaces and farmlands;
  • $574.3 million for maintenance and renovations at state-owned facilities including Ohio State Parks, state prisons, mental health facilities and other public facilities.

Details of the Capital Budget Bill can be found at: www.obm.ohio.gov/SectionPages/Budget/Capital.aspx

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