State Senator Scott Oelslager (R-North Canton) today announced the introduction of this year’s $2.6 billion Capital Budget. This investment will support the infrastructure priorities of the state and funds needed improvements to community services, school facilities, roads, bridges, waterways and parks.
Oelslager, who serves as the Chairman of the Senate Finance committee, will oversee the hearings in the Ohio Senate.

The legislature generally approves a capital budget every two years in order to fund pressing brick and mortar projects around the state. Ohio’s strong fiscal health makes it possible to fund these, and this year’s capital spending plan will continue to grow the state’s economy and add value to Ohioans' lives.

“From the arts to education to roadways, the state capital budget plays a major role in bringing jobs, opportunities and a sense of pride to our local communities,” said Oelslager. “Funding these projects exemplifies how private investors, community leaders and the state can come together to improve our hometowns. It was an honor to work with my colleague, Representative Kirk Schuring, and I’m pleased with what we were able to accomplish.”

For a full list of projects in Stark county, click here

Highlights of the Capital Budget:

Supporting Our Schools

  • $650 million will be invested in local school construction, including repairs, renovations and maintenance for primary and secondary facilities.
  • More than $428 million for Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities, while nearly $56 million more will support projects that benefit Ohio's statewide university system.

Supporting Our Infrastructure

  • A substantial portion of capital spending goes to local roads, bridges, water-supply systems, storm sewers and wastewater systems. $500 million will go to local infrastructure projects through the Public Works Commission, including up to $100 million to support the Clean Ohio program which funds preservation of green space, farmland, open spaces and expanded recreational opportunities.
  • This bill also includes $275 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife.

Supporting Ohioans in Need

  • With nearly $100 million in funding, the state placed a strong emphasis on investing in critical health and human services funding for youth services, developmental disabilities, mental health, addiction treatment and women’s health initiatives.

Supporting Our Communities

  • Economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance boost growth and opportunities in our communities. By working with local stakeholders, the bill includes $160 million for a number of such projects.

These investments will help improve the lives of Ohioans and support communities across the state. Without strong and responsible budgeting year after year, it would not be possible to fund such projects, but as Ohio’s economy continues to grow it allows our state to invest in the projects that matter most locally.
Senate Bill 310, sponsored by Senator Oelslager, was introduced in the Senate today at 1:30 p.m. Capital Budget hearings in Senate Finance Committee will begin today at 2:30 p.m., or following session. You can watch the committee online at The Ohio Channel.
For more information on the Capital Budget bill process, click here.

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