Senator Bob Peterson - Senate District 17

12.05.17 - PHOTO: Peterson Announces Grand Opening Of New Vinton County Supermarket


COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) joined State Representative Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) and area leaders for the grand opening of Vinton County's new supermarket, Campbell's Market. 


11.28.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Peterson And Smith Invite Area Residents To Attend District Office Hours


COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) and State Representative Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) are inviting area residents to attend district office hours on Friday, December 1, 2017 in Gallia, Lawrence and Jackson counties. 


11.21.17 - Peterson Applauds Funding For Area Parks


COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) today applauded the announcement of local investments through the Clean Ohio Trails Fund, NatureWorks and Recreational Trails grant programs, which seek to improve outdoor recreational opportunities for Ohio families and promote tourism.


11.21.17 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Peterson Invites Area Residents To Attend District Office Hours


COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) is inviting area residents to attend his district office hours on Monday, November 27, 2017 in Clinton, Highland, Ross and Pickaway counties. 


11.09.17 - Paying Tribute To Our Veterans


The brave men and women who have served in our Armed Forces are always deserving of thanks. We owe them gratitude every day, every month, and every year. This Veterans Day, I want to take this opportunity to pay special tribute to veterans in Ohio and across the country. 


09.06.17 - Peterson Announces Funds For Local Law Enforcement, Connecting Overdose Survivors With Recovery Services


"Our goal is to help prevent drug-related deaths and overdose recurrence, making long-term recovery possible for those struggling with addiction," said Senator Peterson. "Support for these programs helps law enforcement connect addicted individuals with recovery services, which is key in saving lives and helping affected families begin to heal."


09.06.17 - Delivering For The People Of Ohio


In January of this year, I stood with my fellow Senators as we announced our legislative priorities for this two-year cycle. As we unveiled our priority legislation, the first ten bills introduced in the Senate, we made a commitment to you to make our State a better place.


08.18.17 - Peterson Applauds Local Districts Receiving $1.6 Million For Academic Enrichment Programs


"Community learning centers are valuable resources for our local communities," said Peterson. "These programs offer additional support to ensure students have the best opportunity for success in the classroom and in meeting state academic standards."


08.09.17 - Peterson Invites Area Residents To Attend District Office Hours


"District office hours are an opportunity for residents to share their concerns and suggestions on how state government can better serve our families and our community," said Peterson. "I look forward to working with my colleagues at the Ohio Statehouse in addressing issues that affect families living in southeast Ohio."


08.04.17 - Peterson To Join Academy Of Pediatrics Of Ohio To Distribute Bike Helmets At Ross County Fair


“Bike safety is an important way we can protect children in our community and provide more of them an opportunity to ride safely,” said Peterson. “By distributing bike helmets and safety information in our community, we can teach our kids how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a bike and help them learn how to stay safe when they're enjoying our neighborhoods.”


07.26.17 - Helping Families Save On Back-to-School Shopping: Ohio Sales Tax Holiday, August 4-6


Two years ago we enacted Ohio’s first Sales Tax Holiday – a pilot project to see how Ohio would respond to the tax-free weekend. That was a success, as Ohioans saved millions of dollars and retailers saw a significant boost in sales. We renewed that program in 2016 and Ohio families were once again able to save money while buying necessities.  


06.29.17 - Peterson Honors Ohio's Dairy Producers During National Dairy Month


"It is an honor to recognize Ohio's Dairy Producers for their contributions to the food agricultural industry in this state," said Peterson. "Ice cream is one of the best parts of summer. For this delicious treat, we owe our gratitude to the hard working men and women who rise before daybreak every day to tend to their cows in the milking parlors. Ohio's dairy farmers love the work that they do, and we love that they do it."


06.22.17 - Peterson Honors Ohio's 2017 Physician Advocate Of The Year


"Dr. Santin is an invaluable resource for information on health care policy and someone who lawmakers from both political parties can look to for straightforward counsel on ways we, as a state, can improve health outcomes for Ohioans," said Peterson. "We are especially proud that he has chosen to practice medicine at our very own Clinton Memorial Hospital in Wilmington."


06.22.17 - Renewing Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday


"Most holidays drain our bank accounts, yet this uniquely timed holiday allows Ohioans to keep more of their hard-earned money while equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom," said Peterson. 


06.21.17 - Peterson Announces Balanced Budget That Protects Essential Services And Reduces The Size Of Government


"Today we unveiled a balanced, responsible and significantly smaller state budget," said State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House), who serves as President Pro Tempore—the number two leadership position in the legislature's upper chamber. "Rather than allowing government to take more from Ohio's taxpayers, we have crafted a budget that restrains spending and focuses on key priorities such as schools and combating the drug epidemic, among others."


06.15.17 - Peterson Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation Helping Families Save For Their Children's Futures


"Saving money to care for a loved one living with a disability or to help reduce the financial burden of getting a college education can place a tremendous financial burden on families," said Peterson. "This legislation helps families save for their children's futures using additional tax relief and provides greater opportunity for Ohioans to achieve financial independence."


05.24.17 - Lawmakers Send Bill Renewing Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday To Governor For Signature


"Most holidays drain our bank accounts, yet this uniquely timed holiday allows Ohioans to keep more of their hard-earned money while equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom," said Senator Peterson. 


05.10.17 - Senate Passes Reforms Easing Heavy Tax Burden For Ohio's Farmers


"This proposal is an important step in addressing tax inequities for farmers and provides more incentive for them to implement meaningful conservation practices that help protect Ohio's water supply," said Peterson.


05.10.17 - Peterson Honors Nestlé Pure Life "Share-a-Smile" Winner


"I am pleased to recognize Katelyn for her creativity and utilizing her talents for a great cause," said Peterson. “This contest is a great opportunity for her to showcase her creative abilities and earn money to reinvest in her own education."


05.08.17 - Peterson Invites Area Residents To Attend District Office Hours


"District office hours are an opportunity for residents to share their concerns and suggestions on how state government can better serve our families and our community," said Senator Peterson. "I look forward to working with my colleagues at the Ohio Statehouse in addressing issues that affect families living in southeast Ohio."


05.03.17 - Peterson Honors Bishop Flaget Student For National Award


"It is my honor to recognize Avery for her hard work and vision, helping those who are experiencing difficult times," said Peterson. "We can all learn something from her generosity and ambition, and I look forward to hearing about the great things she will continue to do in the years ahead." 


04.27.17 - Peterson Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Prepare Ohio's Workforce For In-Demand Jobs


"This is an important step in preparing Ohioans for the workplace of tomorrow. As our economy changes, so will the skills needed to secure a good-paying job," said Peterson. "Senate Bill 3 builds on our efforts to ensure that the workforce is ready to take on careers in our region's most in-demand professions."


03.28.17 - State Grant Awarded To Rio Grande For Fire Equipment


"First responders put their lives on the line every day to ensure safety in our communities," said Senator Peterson. "I was pleased to support this grant application, in collaboration with officials from Gallia and Jackson counties, to help equip our firefighters with the resources necessary to protect families and property in the Village of Rio Grande."


03.28.17 - PHOTO RELEASE: Partnership Creates Opportunities For Wilmington Air Park


"The Wilmington Air Park is an economic hub for Clinton County," said Senator Peterson. "I applaud this partnership and the collaboration between our universities and the private sector which play an important role in job creation and the economic growth of our state."


03.22.17 - Senate-Passed Transportation Budget Bill Invests $7.8 Billion For Improving Local Roads And Bridges


“This transportation budget makes a continued investment in Ohio's communities and local infrastructure while reducing unneeded state government regulation," said State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House). “I am confident that House Bill 26 will improve the roads and infrastructure that Ohioans use every day and will enhance Ohio’s economic and job growth”.


03.21.17 - Peterson Joins Vinton County Leaders For Groundbreaking Of New Grocery Store


"I am pleased to see this project becoming a reality for the residents of Vinton County," said Senator Peterson. "Nowhere else in the state would you even think about a grocery store being the major issue of the county. The local resources and new job opportunities will surely improve the quality of life for area residents."


03.17.17 - Peterson Appointed To Legislative Service Commission


"The Commission plays an integral role in Ohio's legislative process, providing important support services for the members of the General Assembly on a daily basis," said Senator Peterson. "I look forward to representing the Ohio Senate and providing guidance to the Commission in this role."


03.14.17 - Peterson Announces $1 Billion Workers' Compensation Rebate For Ohio Employers


"This announcement is great news for Ohio's small business owners and another indicator of our state's improving business climate," said Senator Peterson. "Small businesses are a major driver of our state's economy, and this rebate will allow companies to reinvest in their workers, equipment and technology needs." 


02.08.17 - Peterson Sponsors Legislation Reducing Tax Burden For Ohio's Combat-Injured Veterans


"Ohio's veterans have already paid so much in their service to our country," said Senator Peterson. "Eliminating this burdensome tax on the benefits that our brave combat-injured veterans have rightfully earned further demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of life for our service members as they return home."


02.07.17 - Peterson Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program


"Legislative fellows play an integral role in Ohio's legislative process," said Peterson. "With many fellows moving on to successful public service careers, this program is the perfect opportunity for recent college graduates interested in expanding their knowledge of state government."


01.26.17 - Peterson Appointed Vice Chair Of Influential Senate Rules And Reference Committee


"I look forward to working with my colleagues on the committee to set a policy agenda that will help create opportunities for Ohio families," said Senator Peterson. 


01.03.17 - Senator Peterson Sworn In As President Pro Tempore Of The Ohio Senate


"I am truly honored to have been selected to serve as the Senate's President Pro Tempore. In this new capacity, I look forward to building on our efforts to improve Ohio’s economy and ensuring that state government is responsive to the needs of the people of Ohio."


11.15.16 - Peterson Elected Ohio Senate President Pro Tempore


“I am humbled that my colleagues have chosen me to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Ohio Senate,” said Senator Peterson. “Ohio has come a long way, but we must remain diligent in our efforts to improve the state’s business climate and promote job creation, which benefits Ohio families."


11.09.16 - Did You Remember To Check And Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries?


As a rule of thumb, the best time to replace smoke detector batteries is at the beginning and end of daylight saving times. Daylight saving officially ended on Sunday, November 6, which means it is time to check your detectors if you have not already done so. After replacing the detector batteries in your home, remember to mark your calendar for next year's daylight saving time, which begins again on Sunday, March 12, 2017 and will end on Sunday, November 5, 2017. 


09.21.16 - Peterson, Smith To Distribute Free Bike Helmets For Kids At Jackson Apple Festival


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) and State Representative Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) will be on hand during the Jackson Apple Festival on Saturday to provide bicycle safety information for families and help properly fit children for new bike helmets. Free helmets will be provided as part of the Ohio Academy of Pediatrics' "Put A Lid On It" campaign. 


09.01.16 - Youth Camp Breaks Ground On New Lodge At Cave Lake


"We're proud of the work this organization is doing to develop our next generation of leaders," said Peterson. "We hope this investment will allow YLA to continue its mission for many years to come."


08.29.16 - Peterson To Host Office Hours For Residents In Vinton, Jackson And Gallia Counties


"District office hours are an opportunity for residents to share their concerns and suggestions on how state government can better serve our families and our community," said Senator Peterson. "I look forward to working with my colleagues at the Ohio Statehouse in addressing issues that will improve the lives of individuals living in southeast Ohio."


08.26.16 - Taking A Stand Against Opiate Abuse


As the new school year begins, teachers and community leaders must bring the message of drug prevention into the classroom.


08.24.16 - Peterson Announces Release Of Capital Funds For Improvements At Deer Creek State Park


"We hope that these facility improvements will help to enhance the visitor experience for the thousands of families that take advantage of Deer Creek each year," said Peterson who sits on the Controlling Board. 


08.23.16 - Peterson Announces Funds Supporting Individuals With Mental Illness Through Creative Photography


"The Athens Photo Project is helping to strengthen the quality of life and providing a source of social inclusion by integrating the arts and mental health recovery services in our community," said Senator Peterson, who sits on the Controlling Board. 


08.09.16 - Peterson, Scherer Join Academy Of Pediatrics To Distribute Free Bike Helmets At Ross County Fair


“Bike helmet safety is an important way we can protect the children in our community and I’m proud to join Ohio AAP to give more children the chance to ride safely,” said Peterson. “By distributing bike helmets and safety information in our community, we can teach our kids how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a bike and help them learn how to stay safe when they're enjoying our neighborhoods.”


08.08.16 - Peterson Announces Funding To Add Clinton County To 2-1-1 Health Hotline Network


"The introduction of the 2-1-1 to Clinton County is long overdue," said Peterson. "I'm happy to announce that soon, an extensive network of health-related information and resources will only be a phone call away."


08.04.16 - Peterson, Scherer To Join Academy Of Pediatrics Of Ohio To Distribute Bike Helmets At Ross County Fair


“Bike helmet safety is an important way we can protect the children in our community and I’m proud to join Ohio AAP to give more children the chance to ride safely,” said Peterson. “By distributing bike helmets and safety information in our community, we can teach our kids how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a bike and help them learn how to stay safe when they're enjoying our neighborhoods.”


07.28.16 - Save On Back-to-School Shopping During Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday: August 5-7th


Mark your calendars again this year for August 5 through August 7 to take advantage of a weekend of savings and additional deals that will be taking place across Ohio during the 2016 Sales Tax Holiday.


07.11.16 - Peterson Applauds Sofidel For Local Investment And Job Creation At Pickaway County Groundbreaking


"The collaboration and determination of local and state officials and community stakeholders made it possible for Sofidel to break ground today for a facility that not only attests to the strong economic potential of Pickaway County, but brings hundreds of job opportunities for Ohioans," said Peterson. "Today's groundbreaking was an opportunity to welcome Sofidel to Pickaway County and thank their CEO for making an important investment in our community and in our workforce."


06.29.16 - Senator Peterson To Hold District Office Hours In Waverly


"District office hours are an opportunity for constituents to share ideas about how state government can better serve their families and our community," said Peterson. "I am interested in hearing suggestions and expressing those concerns with my colleagues in the Statehouse."


06.28.16 - Upholding The Freedom We Celebrate On Independence Day


Our Founding Fathers came together on July 4, 1776 from across the 13 colonies to declare independence and establish what would become the most free and representative society in history. The thirteen independent colonies became the "united states" of America and in doing so secured the unalienable rights such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness endowed by our Creator.


06.22.16 - Peterson To Hold District Office Hours This Friday


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) will hold district office hours in Clinton, Highland, Ross and Pickaway counties throughout the day this Friday, June 24, 2016 to meet with constituents.


06.08.16 - Peterson Applauds Plan To Erase Ohio's Unemployment Compensation Debt


"Employers across the state will benefit greatly from the reduction and elimination of fees that have been placing an undue burden on businesses in Ohio for far too long," said Peterson.


05.18.16 - Peterson Honors Ohio Valley Christian Boys Basketball Team On State Championship


"I'm honored to recognize these student-athletes from Ohio Valley Christian as they continue the school's tradition of success on and off the court," said Peterson. "Their resounding victory in this year's state championship has made the community proud and I look forward to seeing them back on the court next season."


05.12.16 - Peterson Issues Statement Regarding Committee Testimony On House Bill 166


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) issued the following statement today regarding testimony provided on House Bill 166 which is currently under consideration in the Senate Ways and Means Committee:


02.16.16 - Governor Kasich Signs Bill Ensuring Ohio Taxpayers' Access To Tax Benefits


“As Ohioans begin filing last year's tax returns, it’s imperative that we make sure they have access to every possible deducation and credit they are entitled to,” said Peterson. “This bill provides the necessary updates to make sure no one pays more taxes than required.”  


02.10.16 - Peterson Recognizes University Of Rio Grande NAIA National Soccer Champions


"These young men have represented Ohio and their university well," said Peterson. "National championships are won through hard work and resilience and this diverse group of student-athletes put forth a level of dedication that has paid off."


02.10.16 - Peterson Honors Director Gary Mohr For Receiving 2015 Distinguished Leadership Award


"Director Mohr's commitment toward addressing Ohio's drug epidemic by expanding access to treatment and recovery support services make him most deserving of this award," said Peterson. "Under his leadership, Ohio's recidivism rate has dropped to one of the lowest in the nation."


02.10.16 - Peterson Announces Legislative Fellowship Program


"This one of a kind fellowship offers unique insight into the day-to-day operations of the General Assembly," said Peterson. "With many notable alumni, including our very own Governor John Kasich, the prestigious LSC fellowship is a wonderful opportunity for young people interested in public service careers." 


01.29.16 - Peterson Highlights Improvements To Ohio's Business Climate


“Since being elected to the Ohio General Assembly in 2010, working toward building a better Ohio has been my primary goal as a Legislator," said Peterson. “Step by step, bill by bill, we have done just that. Ohio is coming back.”


12.21.15 - Peterson Receives Ohio Society Of CPAs' Outstanding Legislator Award


As Chairman of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, Sen. Peterson championed municipal tax reform, which takes effect January 1 and will result in significant compliance cost savings for Ohio taxpayers.  Peterson also led the amendment process related to state tax reform during the biennial budget debate, ensuring that common sense changes were adopted. Sen. Peterson sponsored Senate Bill 2 (131st GA), tax conformity legislation that enabled taxpayers to make adjustments to 2014 returns to decrease tax liabilities and compliance costs.


11.18.15 - Peterson Announces Senate Passage Of Bill Promoting Ohio Agritourism


"This bill simultaneously promotes small business growth while protecting and expanding opportunities for Ohio's agriculture industry," said Peterson. "It's important that we allow entrepreneurs to thrive while promoting the diverse experiences that Ohio agriculture has to offer." 


11.17.15 - Legacy Of Service: Ohio Senate Designates Memorial Highway To Honor Private Kevin C. Ott


“Today we honor a young man who gave his life in his service to our country,” said Peterson. “This memorial is one way we pay our respects, show our gratitiude and ensure that his legacy as an American hero will long be remembered.”  


11.17.15 - Honoring The Sacrifice Of Army Specialist Gerald R. Jenkins


“This young man understood the meaning of service and sacrifice for one’s country,” said Peterson. “Army Specialist Jenkins paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom and for this we owe he and his family a debt of gratitude.” 


10.01.15 - Working Group Maintains Mission On Oil And Gas Severance Study


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) issued the following statement regarding the progress of the oil and gas severance study:

“The severance working group is diligently working on its draft report. Changing market conditions within the oil and gas industry provided an extra challenge, and we believe it is far more important to get it right than to meet a calendar guideline. We’ve made significant progress, and remain confident, a long term solution can be found that can address market conditions and the future of the industry in Ohio.”


08.31.15 - Peterson To Hold September District Office Hours


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) will hold district office hours in Vinton, Jackson, Gallia and Lawrence counties throughout the day on Friday, September 4, 2015 to meet with constituents.


08.26.15 - New Statewide Commission Seeks To Reduce Ohio Infant Deaths


"This is an important new step in the statewide effort to prevent the premature deaths of Ohio infants," said Peterson. "The Commission will play an important role in assisting the legislature to develop new policies and reduce our state's abysmal infant mortality rate."


08.10.15 - Peterson To Join Press Conference To Announce New Lawrence County Workforce Development Partnership


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) will join the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, higher education leaders and others to announce plans for the new Higher Education Regional Partnership and Training Center that will bring job training and accreditation programs to the region. Senator Peterson supported an amendment in the state's main operating budget to provide state funds for the project. 


08.07.15 - Sales Tax Holiday Helping To Save Families Money On Back-to-School Shopping Through Sunday


It is hard to believe that we are more than half way through 2015. Several important holidays have already passed, but there’s one more holiday going on now that should be on your calendar: Ohio’s first-ever Sales Tax Holiday, which runs until midnight on Sunday, August 9. Ohio’s new holiday will help save families more money while allowing them to invest in their highest priority—their children. 


08.04.15 - State Lawmakers Hold Agriculture Committee Meeting At Ohio State Fair


Members of the Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee experienced a change of scenery today, replacing suits and ties with short sleeves and boots as they convened during a special committee meeting held at the Ohio State Fair.


06.29.15 - Peterson Announces Passage Of State Budget, Lowering Taxes And Investing In Education


“This budget makes investments in young Ohioans by improving the state’s K-12 school funding formula to support rural school districts and lowering the the cost of higher education,” said Peterson. “Job creation and workforce development also continue to be a top priority that will help lift the standard of living for all Ohioans and their families.”


06.08.15 - Peterson Announces Rollout Of Senate Budget Bill With $1.7 Billion Net Tax Cut


“I am proud of the Senate budget: we’ve lowered taxes across the board, put a priority on our student’s education and boosted Ohio’s saving plan, all while maintaining a balanced budget," Senator Peterson said. "I look forward to the budget process continuing over the next few weeks.”


06.03.15 - Peterson Receives Guardian Of Small Business Award


“I am honored to receive the Guardian of Small Business award from the NFIB. Nearly half of all Ohioans are employed by small businesses which are the backbone of our growing economy. It is our goal in the Ohio Senate to create an environment in this state which small businesses can thrive," said Senator Peterson.


05.27.15 - Peterson Honors Ohio Royalty


"As we prepare for Ohio's county fairs season, it's fitting that we take a moment to recognize Sarah Everhart who will travel across Ohio in the coming months representing our state's rich agricultural heritage at our many county fairs," said Peterson. 


05.21.15 - State Leaders Honor The Sacrifices Of Ohio's Fallen Soldiers


"Today we honor Justin and Stephen both who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country," said State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) whose senate district covers both soldier's hometowns in southern Ohio. "To the families and friends of these two brave young men, we extend our deepest sympathy and heartfelt thanks. We share the privilege of preserving their legacies of honor, courage and commitment to our nation."


05.05.15 - Peterson Announces 35 New Jobs For Jackson County


"This project both improves our local roads and demonstrates our seriousness about attracting job-creators to southern Ohio," said Peterson. "The announcement that Speyside Bourbon will be creating 35 positions at their Jackson facility is great news for the community."


04.30.15 - Peterson Honors Lebanon's Ernie Moore As Ohio's Warden Of The Year


“I am glad to recognize the commitment and diligence of Warden Ernie Moore," said Peterson. “It is because of his remarkable work that he was rightly named the Warden of the Year by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.”


04.22.15 - Peterson Announces State Funds For Chillicothe's Shoemaker Center Bridge


“This investment will help make repairs to the Shoemaker Center Bridge that are long overdue,” said Peterson. “The Shoemaker Center houses over 2,000 people and is the largest venue in Chillicothe.”


04.21.15 - Peterson Encourages Ohio Taxpayers To Participate In State Budget Process


"Ohioans have greater access to the legislative process today than any other time in our state's history," said Peterson, who serves as a member of the Senate Finance Committee. "I believe in the transparency of taxpayer dollars and this is a great opportunity for Ohioans to become more informed about where and how their money is being spent."


04.21.15 - Peterson And Uecker Announce Funds For Ohio University Facility Improvements


"Investments like these demonstrate to job creators that we are serious about maintaining state-of-the-art academic centers that facilitate the job-training that our region needs in order to attract good-paying jobs," said Peterson. 


04.15.15 - Peterson Welcomes Gallipolis Pastor To Deliver Senate Invocation


"I am honored to welcome Pastor Pollard to lead us in prayer and bless the members of the Ohio Senate before we conduct business on behalf of the people of this great state," said Peterson. 


04.09.15 - Speaker Rosenberger And Senator Peterson Announce 100 New Jobs For Clinton County


Speaker of the Ohio House Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced today that Ahresty Wilmington Corporation plans to create 100 new manufacturing jobs following the state's approval of funds for a roadwork project that will improve access to the facility. 


04.01.15 - Senator Peterson Announces 200 New Transportation And Logistical Services Jobs


“Today's announcement is another step forward in our efforts to get Ohioans back to work,” said Peterson. “By cutting down red-tape and lowering the cost of doing business, we are creating more job opportunities and making Ohio the best place to live, work and raise a family."


03.25.15 - Senator Peterson Announces Passage Of Senate Priority Bill Protecting Clean Drinking Water For Ohioans


"I'm proud to be part of an industry that is stepping up to address the challenge of algal blooms," said Peterson. "Agriculture is a large part of the solution."


03.03.15 - Peterson Announces District Office Hours


"Office hours are an opportunity for us to hear constituents' concerns," said Peterson.


02.18.15 - Senate Passes Priority Bill Protecting Ohio's Water Supply


The Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 1 today, sponsored by State Senators Bob Peterson and Randy Gardner, which continues the state's effort to fight toxic algae in Ohio waterways and ensure clean drinking water for Ohioans. 


02.11.15 - Senate Passes Peterson Bill Saving Ohio Taxpayers Millions Of Dollars


The Ohio Senate today gave approval to Senate Bill 2, sponsored by State Senator Bob Peterson, which incorporates recent changes in the federal tax code into Ohio’s income tax law.


02.03.15 - Peterson, Gardner Sponsor Priority Legislation To Fight Toxic Algae In Ohio


State Senators Bob Peterson and Randy Gardner today introduced Senate Bill 1, which seeks to ramp up the state’s efforts to fight toxic algae and support clean drinking water.


01.30.15 - Peterson Welcomes Opportunity To Host State Of The State In Wilmington


Senator Bob Peterson released the following statement on the governor’s request to hold his annual State of the State Address at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio on February 24, 2015:


01.21.15 - Peterson Announces Legislative Scholarship Opportunity For Career Training


State Senator Bob Peterson today announced the 2015 Legislative Scholarship Program that assists students in obtaining necessary education and training to obtain a job in an Ohio business or industry.


09.04.14 - Senator Peterson To Hold District Office Hours With Representatives Smith And Scherer


State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) and his staff will hold district wide office hours in Jackson, Ross and Pickaway counties on Friday, September 5, 2014.


04.01.14 - Peterson Announces Passage Of Capital Budget


State Senator Bob Peterson today announced the 2014 Ohio Capital Budget has cleared both chambers of the General Assembly and will now be delivered to Governor John Kasich for his signature.


03.06.14 - State Officials Talk Manufacturing During PPG Visit


PPG Industries hosted State Representative Gary Scherer and State Senator Bob Peterson on Thursday for an informational PowerPoint and tour of the facility.


02.26.14 - Peterson To Hold District Office Hours


COLUMBUS– State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) and his staff will hold district wide office hours in all of the Senator’s represented counties on Friday, February 28, 2014 and Monday, March 3, 2014.


02.12.14 - Senate Clears Peterson Plan To Refund Tax Overpayments To Ohio Businesses


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 263, sponsored by State Senator Bob Peterson (R–Sabina), which would require the Ohio Department of Taxation to notify Ohio businesses when they overpay their taxes and provide automatic refunds in the form of credits toward future taxes.


01.23.14 - Peterson Praises Ohio's Fiscal Condition Rating


COLUMBUS– Senator Bob Peterson (R–Washington Court House) today praised a new report showing Ohio is ranked seventh out of 50 states for its fiscal condition.


01.22.14 - Senate Passes Agriculture Nutrients Bill


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed the Agriculture Nutrients Bill, sponsored by Senator Bob Peterson (R–Fayette County), which creates a groundbreaking fertilizer applicator license program. Through the responsible use of agriculture nutrients, Senate Bill 150 works to protect the state’s water quality while sustaining Ohio’s agriculture industry.


01.17.14 - Agriculture Industry Steps Up To The Plate


Ohio’s inland waterways have a problem; Lake Erie, Grand Lake Saint Mary’s, and many other inland lakes and streams have become loaded with algal blooms. Each summer, as the temperature increases, so does the amount of algae living in the waters. This algae feeds off of nitrates and phosphorous-based nutrients. The sources of these nutrients are varied, from man-made to naturally occurring. I am proud to share what Ohio’s largest industry is doing to overcome the challenge of these out of control algal blooms.


01.16.14 - New Legislation Seeks To Prevent State Tax Officials From Holding Onto Refund Money


COLUMBUS, Ohio—Republican state lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled legislation requiring state tax officials to automatically notify and issue refunds when businesses overpay their taxes.


01.15.14 - Peterson, Beagle Introduce Legislation To Automatically Refund Overpaid Business Taxes


COLUMBUS— Senators Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) and Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) joined State Representatives Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) and Al Landis (R-Dover) today to introduce legislation— Senate Bill 263 and House Bill 402—that will require the Ohio Department of Taxation to notify Ohio businesses when they overpay their taxes and provide automatic refunds in the form of credits toward future taxes.


01.14.14 - Peterson Announces More Than $1.8 Billion Local Government Infrastructure Investment


COLUMBUS–Senator Bob Peterson (R–Washington Court House) today announced the Ohio Senate has passed Senate Joint Resolution 6, which seeks to renew the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP). The partnership between SCIP and the Ohio Public Works Commission finances public capital improvements to preserve and improve public infrastructure in communities across Ohio.


01.08.14 - Senator Peterson Announces Statewide Youth Drug Prevention Initiative


COLUMBUS–Senator Bob Peterson (R–Washington Court House) today announced the formation of a statewide youth drug prevention effort in cooperation with Ohio Governor John Kasich and First Lady Karen Kasich.


01.06.14 - Senator Peterson Urges Ohioans To Take Precaution Against Cold Weather


COLUMBUS– State Senator Bob Peterson (R–Sabina) today urges all residents of Southern Ohio to take additional precautions during the pending bitter cold temperatures descending on the Midwest over the next 48 hours.


10.03.13 - Ross County Awarded Minority Health Month Gran


COLUMBUS–Senator Bob Peterson (R–Sabina) today announced the Ohio Commission on Minority Health has awarded the Ross County Community Action Agency with a $2,500 grant to hold a local event to educate Ohioans on best practices to avoid diabetes. The event, "Healthy, Happy, and Wise," will take place in the spring of 2014.


10.01.13 - Senator Peterson Announces District Office Hours


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson (R- Sabina) will hold open office hours for residents of the 17th Senate District on Friday, October 4, 2013.


07.31.13 - Peterson Praises EarnHart Hill Regional Water And Sewer District, Auditor Of State Award


State Senator Bob Peterson released the following statement today in regards to Earnhart Hill Regional Water and Sewer District in Pickaway County having received the Auditor of State Award.       


07.11.13 - Peterson Announces Governor Approves Shared Work Program


Senator Bob Peterson today announced the Governor has signed House Bill 37, which creates the SharedWork Ohio Program.


06.27.13 - Peterson Announces Historic Tax Cut, Largest Investment In Public Education In A Decade


COLUMBUS– Senator Peterson (R–Washington Court House) today announced the passage of House Bill 59, the state’s two-year operating budget. The bill contains as its cornerstones one of the largest single-year tax cuts in Ohio’s history as well as the largest legislative investment in public education in more than 10 years.


06.26.13 - Peterson Honors Larry L. Long's Service With County Commissioners' Association Of Ohio


Senator Bob Peterson today honored Larry L. Long on his retirement after forty years of exceptional service with the County Commissioners' Association of Ohio. Long's impressive commitment to public service contributed to the growth and prosper of the state of Ohio.


06.14.13 - Peterson Named To Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber (R–Celina) this week named Senator Bob Peterson (R–Sabina) as a member of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission. The commission was formed by the legislature in 2012 to study the Constitution of the State of Ohio and make recommendations for amendments and improvements.


06.06.13 - Peterson Applauds Approval Of Small Business Tax Cut, Historic Investment In Education


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson today applauded the Ohio Senate’s approval of House Bill 59, the state budget bill that includes a $1.4 billion tax cut for small businesses and makes the largest investment in public education in the last decade. The two-year, $61.8 billion budget also provides funding for state agencies and departments, as well as health and human services for Ohioans in need.


05.22.13 - Peterson's Bill Expanding Cost-Effective Audit Procedure Approved By Senate


COLUMBUS — Legislation sponsored by State Senator Bob Peterson that aims to allow qualified government entities to save money and time by using an Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) Audit was approved today by the Ohio Senate.


05.07.13 - Local High School Students Awarded $79,000 In Scholarships


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson today announced that Cody Harper, a senior at Miami Trace High School, and Cody Graham, a senior at Wellston High School, have been awarded college scholarships through the Legislative Scholarship Program. Harper will use his $36,758 award to study computer information systems, while Graham was awarded $42,326 to pursue electronic engineering. Both will attend DeVry University at its campus in Columbus.


05.03.13 - Senate Looks To Put Its Mark On State Budget


The first budget I ever developed was for my 4-H market hog project 40 years ago. That was the first of many budgets I have worked on including the annual budget for our family’s farm and then 15 budgets prepared for Fayette County as a county commissioner. These were great preparation for my role in helping to develop Ohio’s main operating budget.


04.29.13 - Peterson Helps Unveil New Web Site For Tracking State Rules


Looking to make Ohio’s rule-making process easier to follow for both business owners and the public, State Representative Ross McGregor (R- Springfield) and State Senators Frank LaRose (R- Copley) and Bob Peterson today unveiled the new RuleWatch Ohio Web site. McGregor, LaRose and Peterson all serve as members of the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), which is responsible for ensuring state agencies do not exceed their statutory authority through rules.


03.20.13 - Senate Passes Bill Giving Businesses An Alternative To Layoffs


COLUMBUS — The Ohio Senate today approved Senate Bill 25, legislation introduced by State Senators Bob Peterson and Frank LaRose (R- Copley) that creates the SharedWork Ohio Program. The program provides employers and workers with an alternative to layoffs in which both sides agree to reduce the number of hours each employee works.


03.18.13 - Senator Bob Peterson To Hold District Office Hours


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson will hold open office hours for residents of the 17th Senate District on Thursday, March 21, 2013 and Friday, March 22, 2013


02.27.13 - Peterson Offers Testimony On SharedWork Proposal


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson today urged members of the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee to support his legislation that would create a shared work program, also known as short-time compensation. Peterson is sponsoring Senate Bill 25 with Senator Frank LaRose (R- Copley).


01.11.13 - Senator Peterson: Paying Tribute To Ohio's Fallen Service Members


This past week, I was honored to take the oath of office for the 17th Ohio Senate District as we began a new legislative session. Watching my colleagues take the oath of office, I was reminded of what a privilege it is to serve the people of Southern Ohio in the Legislature.


01.09.13 - Peterson To Chair Finance Subcommittee On General Government


COLUMBUS — State Senator Bob Peterson was named Chairman of the newly-created Finance Subcommittee on General Government by Senate President Keith Faber (R- Celina). As chair, Peterson will play a key role in examining budget issues related to all aspects of government. The subcommittee is one of three created by President Faber as part of an overall restructuring of Senate committees to allow members to more effectively examine complex issues.


01.07.13 - Peterson Sworn In As State Senator For Ohio's 17th Senate District


COLUMBUS — During today’s opening ceremonies for the 130th General Assembly, Bob Peterson was sworn in as the Senator for the 17th Ohio Senate District, which encompasses Fayette, Clinton, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Pike and Ross counties as well as portions of Lawrence, Pickaway and Vinton counties. Peterson was first appointed to the Ohio Senate in 2012, having previously served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives and as a Fayette County Commissioner.


12.12.12 - State Champion Clinton-Massie Football Team Honored By Ohio Senate


COLUMBUS— State Senator Bob Peterson recognized members of the Clinton-Massie High School football team yesterday for winning the Division IV state championship. The Falcons – the first team from Clinton County to clinch a state title in football – were presented with a resolution honoring their achievement during Senate session.


10.03.12 - More Than Nine Tons Of Unneeded Drugs Collected In Ohio During Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Columbus - 
State Senator Bob Peterson today applauded the latest effort to combat prescription drug abuse in Ohio, as more than nine tons of prescription drugs were recently collected in Ohio as part of Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Throughout the 17th Ohio Senate District - which has been particularly hard hit by this epidemic - nearly 150 pounds of unused or unneeded drugs were turned in to local law enforcement officials. All of the medications turned in will be destroyed.

09.26.12 - Senator Peterson Speaks To Ohio Future Farmers Of America

Columbus - 
State Senator Bob Peterson today welcomed Future Farmers of America (FFA) students from across the state to the Ohio Statehouse. Peterson spoke to the students about agriculture and urged them to get involved with their government representatives as part of the group's Legislative Leadership Conference.

09.21.12 - Senator Peterson: Lawmakers Act To Strengthen Ohio's Pension Systems

Columbus - 
Guest column by State Senator Bob Peterson

09.14.12 - Peterson Recognized As 'Watchdog Of The Treasury'

Columbus - 
State Senator Bob Peterson was recently named a "Watchdog of the Treasury" by the United Conservatives of Ohio for his commitment to fiscal responsibility and government efficiency during the 129th General Assembly.

09.13.12 - Ohio Senate Honors Retiring Pickaway County Sheriff

Columbus - 
Members of the Ohio Senate recognized Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight Radcliff yesterday for his more than four decades of service to the law enforcement community and the people of Pickaway County.

09.05.12 - Senator Peterson: Ohio's Future Starts In The Classroom

Columbus - 
Guest column from State Senator Bob Peterson

06.13.12 - Statement From State Senator Bob Peterson

Columbus - 
In response to today's announcement that the U.S. Department of Energy has agreed to partner with USEC on a $350 million research and development project at the American Centrifuge Project in Piketon, State Senator Bob Peterson issued the following statement: "This agreement represents a major step in revitalizing Piketon and the surrounding community, as the American Centrifuge Project will bring needed jobs to southern Ohio and help put our state at the forefront of the advanced energy industry.

05.16.12 - Peterson Recognizes Washington Court House Wrestler For Winning State Championship

Columbus - 
State Senator Bob Peterson recognized Riley Shaw, a senior at Washington Court House High School, during today's Senate session for winning the 2012 Division II State Wrestling Championship. Peterson presented Shaw with a resolution honoring his achievement.

05.09.12 - Peterson Welcomes Local Singer To Statehouse

Columbus - 
State Senator Bob Peterson welcomed Waverly High School freshman Holly Miller to the Ohio Statehouse today. Peterson recognized Miller on the floor of the Ohio Senate for winning the "Gospel's Got Talent" nationwide competition. Miller received a standing ovation from Senate members after singing a short hymn.

04.19.12 - From Your State Senator: Bob Peterson

Guest column by State Senator Bob Peterson

03.21.12 - Peterson Sworn In To Ohio Senate

Columbus - 
The Ohio Senate today appointed Bob Peterson to the 17th Senate District seat, which encompasses Clinton, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Pike, Ross and Vinton counties as well as portions of Lawrence and Pickaway counties. Peterson replaces former Senator David Daniels, who resigned his seat last month after being named director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture by Governor Kasich.