COLUMBUS – Today, Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) announced that he has offered over 40 individual amendments into Substitute House Bill 49 – Ohio’s 2-year budget bill – on behalf of the families of the 28th Senate District and Ohio. Senator Sykes’ amendments focus on increasing access to early childhood education and critical state and federal resources. They also aim to improve life for the residents of his district.

“Although money is tight, we must keep Ohio’s children and struggling families at the top of our list of priorities,” said Senator Sykes. “The state should not ignore our most vulnerable residents to fund less critical needs. Without a healthy, educated community, our state cannot thrive.”

Some of Senator Sykes’ priority amendments would:

  • Increase state funding for Early Childhood Education
  • Increase access to federal food programs to help feed more hungry children
  • Help schools pay to transport students to and from school
  • Increase funding for Infant Mortality Health Grants
  • Increase Public Library Fund (PLF) allocations
  • Provide funding for the Interval Brotherhood Home Addiction Recovery Center

A more thorough explanation of some of Senator Sykes’ amendments can be viewed here.

The Senate Democratic Caucus submitted over 400 amendments to Substitute House Bill 49, each of which is focused on improving the lives of Ohioans and focusing the state’s resources where they are most needed.

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