COLUMBUS – Today, Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) expressed deep concerns regarding the budget passed by the Ohio General Assembly. The bill provides a tax cut that favors the wealthy, while cutting funding to state agencies, education, and health care services.  The bill also freezes Medicaid expansion - which will cause thousands of Ohioans to lose health insurance - and cuts funding to some schools including in Senate District 28.   

“The priorities of Ohio’s General Assembly are reflected in the state budget,” said Senator Sykes.  “Unfortunately, these priorities encompass an ineffective tax policy that favors a few, and exclude adequate funding to the institutions that make our communities strong, including local government, schools, and the health care system.”

Several of Senator Sykes’ amendments, which will provide desperately needed relief to Ohioans, were accepted into the budget. These include:

  • Increase funding for Early Childhood Education, Teach for America, Ohio Libraries, and the Ohio Association of Foodbanks
  • Clarifies that retail stores that sell donated items and are operated by a nonprofit charitable organization are exempt from property taxes

  • Permits the funding of eligible three-year-olds for early childhood programs if funds remain after October 1
  • Restores Joint Education Oversight Committee (JEOC)

The budget will now be sent to Governor Kasich. The governor has until June 30th at midnight to sign it into law.  

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