Plain Dealer Letter To The Editor: Gay Conversion Therapy Has No Scientific Proof Of Success
Senator Tavares, author of SB 74, discusses why it is important to protect Ohio's gay youth from harmful practices.

Last week President Obama, inspired by the tragic suicide of Cincinnati teen Leelah Alcorn, called for states to end the harmful practice of gay conversion therapy against young people. I applaud the Plain Dealer's April 14 editorial ("President Barack Obama starts an important conversation on ending therapy to 'fix' gay minors") endorsing President Obama's decision to encourage Ohio lawmakers to follow suit with legislation banning the practice. This is why I introduced Senate Bill 74 in February of this year and in previous general assemblies (SB 188). The bill would prohibit the practice of trying to change a person's sexual orientation.

To read Senator Tavares's Letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer in full, click here

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