Columbus- Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D- Columbus) will introduce legislation banning the re-homing of adopted children in Ohio. Also referred to as “disrupted or non-legalized adoption”, re-homing is the act of transferring of a child from their legal adoptive parents to unauthorized individuals. These transfers almost always take place over the internet on sites with message boards like Yahoo and Craigslist and require minimal direct contact between the current and prospective parents.

“Children are not property or used furniture to be advertised to anybody on social media sites without background checks and protections for their welfare,” stated Assistant Democratic Leader, Senator Charleta B. Tavares.  

Many of the children who face the horrors of re-homing are originally from foreign countries as it is more difficult to successfully place foreign children in the foster care system. Re-homing allows parents who are unhappy or frustrated with their adopted child to make other living arraignments without regulation or regard for the child’s well-being.

“Adoption is intended to be permanent- not a process where if a child is not perfect you can return them like an article of clothing,” added Tavares.“Furthermore, there are no courts, social services, or adoption agencies to provide oversight for the child or the families involved, leaving adopted children vulnerable to pedophiles and human traffickers to gain power of attorney over them.”

Under current federal law, the act of re-homing a child is not illegal unless the child is taken across state lines. Last fall, Reuters Investigates aired a five-part series entitled “The Child Exchange” that highlighted the frequency of non-legalized adoption; a new child is advertised on online message boards each week. 

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May is Mental Health Month sponsored by Mental Health America. This year’s theme is called “B4Stage4” which focuses on diagnosing and addressing mental illnesses before Stage 4 in which symptoms are more severe and difficult to treat.

Mental illnesses are sometimes crippling disorders that affect the lives of millions of Americans and oftentimes go unannounced because of the stigma associated with them.

Join me in spreading the word about “mental health” throughout the month of May so that your friends, family, and community can get the support and education that they need.

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