The Majority Caucus Room hosts meetings by the majority party as well as Rules and Reference Committees.
Located in the northeast and southeast corners of the Senate Building are the Majority and Minority Conference Rooms, which serve as caucus meeting spaces. Adjacent to the North and South Hearing Rooms, the conference rooms once functioned as deliberation chambers for justices of the Ohio Supreme Court when the Senate Building served as the Judicial Annex from 1901 to 1974. Each room displays the official portraits of past party leaders who served in key leadership positions.

The Majority Conference Room

Pete Fact : The large cabinet on the east wall of the Majority Conference Room once served as the wardrobe where the Supreme Court justices stored their robes.
In addition to its use as a majority caucus meeting space, the Majority Conference Room is also the site where the Senate Rules Committee members convene to set the session agenda for the Senate floor. The room features portraits of former Senate Presidents Doug White of Adams County and Stanley Aronoff of Hamilton County, and former Majority Leader Ted Gray of Columbus, the longest serving member of the Ohio Senate.
The Minority Caucus Room features a round table in the center of the room. The minority party meets here.

The Minority Conference Room

The Minority Conference Room contains portraits of former Governor John J. Gilligan of Hamilton County, former Senate Presidents Oliver Ocasek of Summit County and Harry Meshel of Mahoning County, former Lieutenant Governor John W. Donahey of Stark County and former Governor Richard F. Celeste of Cuyahoga County.