An autumn afternoon view from the walk along High Street.
The Ohio Statehouse is a working monument to the people of Ohio. The building is a stunning example of Greek architecture,
Flowers dress the Statehouse landscape in the spring.
steeped with Ohio history and serves as a workshop of those elected to provide for the health, safety and welfare for all Ohioans.

Pete Fact : Ohio's first capital was located in Chillicothe from 1803 to 1810. The capital then moved to Zanesville from 1810 to 1812 and back to Chillicothe from 1812 until 1816. Columbus became the capital in 1816. In 1852, the original Capitol Building in Columbus burned down.
Completed in 1861, the current Capitol Building or Statehouse, was constructed over twenty years amid a cholera epidemic, ongoing political wrangling and a shortage of funding.

A major renovation of the Statehouse and Senate Building was completed in 1996 and a new Ohio Statehouse Museum opened in 2009. Home to the General Assembly, the Governor and ceremonial offices for the Auditor of State and the Treasurer of State, there is year-round activity at the Statehouse. All Ohioans are encouraged to visit the Statehouse and observe the legislature at work.
The Statehouse at dusk.
The west lawn is host to many activities and visitors in the summer.
Snowfall covers the northwest corner of Capitol Square.