Celebrating National Hunting And Fishing Day: Saturday, September 24th
A Guest Column by State Senator Joe Uecker
September 22, 2016
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The end of the summer marks the beginning of a new season of adventure for Ohio's hunters and anglers. This Saturday, I hope you will join me in celebrating the 44th annual National Hunting and Fishing Day by taking advantage of the countless opportunities for Ohio's sportsmen and sportswomen to enjoy the great outdoors.

National Hunting and Fishing Day was first declared as “Outdoor Sportsman’s Day” in 1970, before it was officially renamed "National Hunting and Fishing Day" by President Nixon in 1972. The national celebration is an effort to promote the recreational opportunities available to hunters and anglers in our national and state parks.   
As the co-chairman of the Ohio Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus and a member of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses network, I am proud to join sportsmen and sportswomen from across the nation in celebrating this day and recognizing the value of the time-honored traditions of hunting and fishing. Ohio currently ranks among the top 10 states in its economic impact from hunting and fishing and its total number of individuals taking part in these sports. The state's 1.56 million hunters and anglers spend more than $2 billion annually and support more than 45,000 jobs. 
Hunters and anglers also play an important role in advocating for federal funding to support conservation efforts that help protect Ohio's precious natural resources. Last year alone, Ohio received more than $21.7 million in federal funds for restoring and conserving Ohio’s fish and wildlife resources in our state parks. 
This Saturday, I hope you will join me in celebrating the role that Ohio's hunters and anglers play in enhancing conservation efforts and growing our economy. On behalf of the Ohio Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus I would like to thank the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife for their tireless efforts promoting and protecting the many outdoor recreational pursuits that our state offers. 
Enjoy this special occasion and the vast opportunities to hunt and fish in Ohio. We will continue efforts to ensure that our outdoor sporting traditions are preserved and can be enjoyed by future generations. For more information about activities during National Hunting and Fishing Day and throughout year, please visithttp://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/calendar.

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