State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) this week announced the Senate passage of legislation allowing active-duty servicemembers with the appropriate military firearm training to legally possess a concealed firearm in Ohio.

"This bill recognizes the extensive firearm instruction that service men and women undergo during military training," said Uecker. "We must ensure that our military members have the necessary resources to protect themselves without subjecting them to burdensome and redundant credentialing."

The legislation stemmed from a situation in which a constituent who served in the U.S. Armed Forces was barred from legally carrying a handgun because he was too young to apply for a CCW permit. Senate Bill 199 offers the opportunity for any active member of the military to carry a concealed handgun following the completion of specified military training. 

“If we trust our men and women in uniform to defend and protect America overseas, we must give them the right to protect themselves and their families when they come home,” said Senator Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green) who jointly sponored the legislation. 

Senate Bill 199 allows active-duty military personnel to carry concealed handguns if the member is carrying valid military identification and documentation indicating successful small arms qualifications, even if they do not have a concealed handgun license. 

Senate Bill 199 will now be sent to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

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