COLUMBUS– State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) testified before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Senate Bill 232 today, which would require mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.
There are nearly 4,000 mechanical repair facilities in Ohio that repair engines, transmissions, brakes, steering and other mechanical functions. These repairs weigh heavily on the safety of the vehicles on our roads, but there is currently little oversight to ensure the repair shops are properly complying with Ohio’s laws and regulations.
Placing these facilities under the Motor Vehicle Repair Board’s oversight will allow the board to verify and monitor compliance with state laws, giving consumers the ability to identify those service centers that are registered with the board.
“Every Ohioan deserves to feel confident that repairs on their vehicle are preformed safely and professionally,” said Uecker. “This legislation gives peace of mind to Ohioans and improves vehicle safety while protecting good repair facilities who make safety a top priority.”
Legitimate automotive repair facilities who play by the rules are currently at a competitive disadvantage and operate under radical pricing differences compared to those shops trying to skirt the law. Unscrupulous automotive repair shops are able cut costs by avoiding taxes, not paying workers’ compensation premiums and refusing to adhere to other requirements, giving them an unfair advantage over facilities that adhere to all existing regulations.
Senate Bill 232 will help improve fair competition by ensuring that all mechanical automotive service facilities are operating under the same standards.
The bill will remain in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee for further deliberation.

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