State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) today introduced a bill that reduces costs to local governments by decreasing the number of required precinct officials in precincts that use electronic poll books.

Under current state law, all precincts are required to have at least four precinct officials present. The proposed legislation would decrease the number of required precinct officials from four to two in precincts that use electronic poll books. 

“This change in state law would reward local governments that simplify their elections with electronic poll books," said Uecker. "Electronic poll books are reducing wait times and minimizing confusion at polling locations where they have been adopted."

Digital tablets are now used in twenty-one Ohio counties to eliminate reliance on traditional paper poll books and to create a better experience for both precinct officials and voters. 

Electronic poll books decrease voter wait times and create a more efficient voting process in multi-precinct voting locations by allowing voters to check in at any poll book. Electronic poll books update poll workers on revised voting procedures quickly and eliminate hours spent manually updating paper poll books. Most importantly, electronic poll books create significant cost savings for local governments in printing and labor costs.

The existing law, which requires every Board of Elections to appoint four election officials for each precinct, can be cumbersome for smaller counties that have fewer available poll workers. The efficiencies gained through electronic poll books warrant a reevaluation of current policy. Decreasing the amount of poll workers necessary will reduce overhead costs and increase funds available to provide Ohioans the most efficient voting process possible. 

Senate Bill 212 will now be referred to a committee for further consideration.

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