COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) recently introduced legislation which would require mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.
There are over 4,000 mechanical repair facilities in Ohio that currently lack oversight. As a result, Ohioan’s cannot be certain that these facilities are complying with Ohio laws and regulations.
“This bill will not only level the playing field, it will also protect consumers by ensuring businesses have proper liability insurance should something happen to their vehicle while at the repair facility, “said Uecker. “Passage of this legislation will help continue our mission in the Statehouse which is to support Ohio’s business while promoting the protection of consumers.”
The largest volume of complaints reported to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office are within the faulty automotive repair category. This problem is only exacerbated when consumers use services located on websites such as Craigslist without first researching the company’s reputation.
Of all the categories of complaints reported to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, faulty automotive repairs make up the largest volume. The reputations of legitimate mechanical repair facilities often suffer when competitors fail to comply with standard business regulations. Senate Bill 232 seeks to provide a standard level of oversight so the names of good businesses can be protected while weeding out bad actors.
This legislation has been referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce and Labor for further consideration. Senator Uecker will soon offer sponsor testimony before that panel on the bill’s merits.

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