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Health Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
H. B. No. 22 Regards stroke care data; recognize stroke centers
H. B. No. 28 Designate Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Month
H. B. No. 47 Require automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools
S. B. No. 57 Designate Ohio Stroke Awareness Month
S. B. No. 59 Prohibit sun lamp tanning services for individuals under age 18
S. B. No. 61 Cap cost sharing for prescription insulin drugs
S. B. No. 69 Designate Ohio Doula Awareness Week
H. B. No. 73 Enact Dave and Angie Patient and Health Provider Protection Act
S. B. No. 80 Solicit research on COVID-19 and myocarditis relationship
S. B. No. 86 Regards surgical smoke
S. B. No. 93 Regards doula services
S. B. No. 103 Regards sales of kratom products
S. B. No. 108 Establish and regulate scholars residential centers
S. B. No. 126 Regards noncompete provisions in certain health care contracts
S. B. No. 129 Revise the law governing the practice of optometry
S. B. No. 131 Change Ohio Deaf History Month to April
H. B. No. 188 Recognize National Nursing Assistants Week
H. B. No. 190 Designate Black Maternal Health Week
S. B. No. 196 Regards authority of advanced practice registered nurses
S. B. No. 207 Designate Stillbirth Prevention Day
S. B. No. 211 Enter the Dietitian Licensure Compact
H. B. No. 229 Enact the Brenna Brossard SUDEP Awareness Act
S. B. No. 234 Designate Food Allergy Awareness Month
S. B. No. 255 Revise the law governing coroners and death certificates
H. B. No. 256 Require ODNR to inquire about organ donation
S. B. No. 264 Add screening awareness to Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
S. B. No. 269 Regards drug reimbursements made to 340B covered entities
S. B. No. 270 Designate Ameloblastoma Awareness Day
S. B. No. 272 Establish Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Accelerator Program
H. B. No. 352 Establish Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Commission