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Ingram Celebrates Passage of Senate Bill 37

May 22, 2024
Catherine D. Ingram News

Today, state Senator Catherine Ingram (D-Cincinnati) celebrated the passage of Senate Bill 37, bipartisan legislation with state Senator Louis W. Blessing III (R-Colerain Township) which would make a number of changes to driver's license suspension penalties.

"We cannot hold people hostage financially by requiring them to pay hundreds of dollars to reinstate their license for charges that don’t relate to driving at all," said Ingram. "We have to support the people of Ohio and help them get back in their cars, back on the road, and back to work."

Senate Bill 37 would make it easier for drivers to legally get back on the road and reduce the ways a driver can lose a license. The current practice of suspending driver's licenses for offenses such as drug offenses, school truancy, or court fines can disproportionately impact low-income Ohioans who might not be able to afford a reinstatement fee which can range from $15 to $650. According to the Ohio Poverty Law Center, roughly 60% of all driver's license suspensions statewide are due to debt issues, such as owing court fines, not dangerous driving.

“This legislation will address the issue by providing a more flexible path for individuals to regain their licenses, and help prevent a cycle of punishment that hampers individuals' ability to support themselves and their families,” said Ingram.

Senate Bill 37 now heads to the Ohio House of Representatives.