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Romanchuk Opposes Drug Cartel Putting Profits Over People

Legalizing recreational marijuana a bad deal for Ohio
October 11, 2023
Mark Romanchuk News

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Resolution 216, sponsored by State Senator Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario), which expresses the Senate’s opposition to Issue 2, the proposed initiated statute that would legalize the use and retail sale of recreational marijuana.

"This statute was written by the marijuana industry to line their pockets, not help Ohioans," Romanchuk said. "This proposal adds fuel to the fire of our current addiction crisis, and we know from other states that have legalized marijuana use that traffic deaths, crime, and workplace accidents rise. Issue 2 is a bad deal for Ohio."

Issue 2 was written by the commercial marijuana industry to put their profits over people. Ohio already has one of the highest rates of overdose deaths in the nation. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of injury death in Ohio, and 33,000 Ohioans have died of drug overdoses since 2011. Issue 2 will allow the marijuana industry to capitalize on addiction and turn it into profit. 

The stark ramifications of legalizing recreation marijuana are evident from other states and in numerous studies. Senate Resolution 216 describes these repercussions, including:

  • Increases in fatal traffic accidents and injuries in traffic accidents;
  • Increases in crimes rates, including violent crimes;
  • Increased workplace accidents;
  • Declines in brain function in adulthood for adolescent users.

Senate Resolution 216 also details the financial benefits the marijuana industry would attain if Issue 2 would pass. Issue 2:

  • Gives more than a third of tax revenue generated to the industry itself through its “social equity” fund program;
  • Does not include any funds for Ohio counties to administer addiction treatment programs and other challenges from increased drug use in Ohio;
  • Does not allow Ohioans to direct tax revenue towards priorities such as public education and road improvements.

Issue 2 is on the ballot this November.