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Teresa Fedor
Fedor calls on DeWine to strengthen public education
March 5, 2019
Today, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) issued the following response to Governor Mike DeWine’s State of the State address.

“I’m encouraged by Governor DeWine’s acknowledgement that education is the key to opportunity,” said Senator Fedor. “I want to hear more specifics about how we are going to strengthen public education in Ohio. Students, families and businesses deserve a strategic plan from their state government.”

According to One Ohio Now, Ohio falls below the national average in several education-related categories: it ranks 27th in pre-K enrollment, 24th in high school graduation rates and 29th in the cost of college tuition.

“I was glad to hear the governor mention wrap-around services, access to pre-K, college affordability and other critical investments, but first we must put a stop to state takeovers through Academic Distress Commissions,” said Senator Fedor. “We know the role poverty plays in education outcomes. Let’s give these local districts the time and additional resources they need before moving more schools into a system that isn’t working in Ohio or anywhere else.”

Senator Fedor, who is the ranking member on the Financial Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education, the Education Committee and the Joint Education Oversight Committee, also called for a fix to Ohio’s school funding formula, citing the 1997 DeRolph ruling.

“Ohio is still operating under an unconstitutional school funding formula,” said Senator Fedor. “The hard work has been done. We have the Cupp-Patterson proposal for K-12 education funding in Ohio. I want to hear more about how we are going to finally fix school funding in Ohio.”
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